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Why Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Are Better Than Mobile Apps

PWA vs Mobile Apps: PWA wins this technological face-off.
Techspirited Staff
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019
A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a responsive website that functions like native mobile apps. PWAs combine the best of both worlds - the web and the apps, thus giving immersive user experiences.
Unlike native mobile apps, PWAs don't have to be installed from app stores. The Web App Install Prompt allows users to add a PWA on the home screen of their device with an app icon, thus eliminating the steps one needs to take during installation.
Progressive Web Apps take up lesser storage space on the phone. The average size of a native app is in MBs while the size of a progressive web app is in KBs. In using a PWA, less data is consumed, and one does not have to compromise on the ease, that native apps provide.
Enhanced Features
Progressive Web Apps are better than Mobile Apps
PWAs boast of features like push notifications, full-screen loading, offline working, and functioning even in the weakest network condition. They facilitate fast content loading, thus, giving users the best browsing experience.
Progressive Web Apps are served via https that enables a secure communication between the website and the web user. The encrypted connection between the browser and the server safeguards the content completely.
Progressive and Responsive
With the name, saying it all, PWAs work on every browser. They give the user an immersive experience every time he visits the website. Also, PWAs function excellently on all devices like a tablet, PC, or mobile. Native apps, on the contrary, are built specifically for one platform.
Up to Date
What better than having an app up-to-date with fresh and up to the minute features and content without manual efforts. Yes, PWA does this by keeping itself updated through a script called service worker.
High Rate of Engagement
PWA with its ability to load the content faster makes the browsing experience smooth. The advanced features of PWA like push notifications and 'add to home screen' keep the user engaged thereby placing them above mobile apps.
AMP technology and PWA in tandem produce the best user experiences. AMP pages load quickly and PWA keeps the user engaged by responding to user interactions with smooth animations. In fact, creating a PWA of AMP Stories, an immersive content format, will give you the best surfing experience.
More Power to PWA
PWA, basically being a website, can be linked and shared via short and secure URLs. Also, since PWAs behave like mobile apps and require no hassles of installation, their development is economically feasible as compared to native mobile apps.