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Why Local Businesses Need to Monetize Their Guest Wi-Fi

Amanda Sparks Aug 14, 2019
Did you know that the free Wi-Fi service which you offer at your business place to your customers could also bring money to your business?
There are a few specific reasons for which you should consider monetizing your guest Wi-Fi. Also, there are many ways you can do this, about which you must have the required information.

Four Reasons to Monetize Your Wi-Fi

It Saves Your Costs

The Wi-Fi package that your guests use for free, actually comes at a price. Some users aren't even your clients. You get nothing in return for the internet connection. More devices connected to your network means slow speed and you are bound to spend money to upgrade the network.

It Reduces Access by Intruders

Everybody wants to use free wi-fi. The traffic on a network could affect its effectiveness and customer satisfaction. A monetized guest Wi-Fi helps to control the number and identities of users in your network.

You Can Improve Your Network

If you are stuck to your limited package, monetizing your guest Wi-Fi could improve what you offer. Connection quality is important for customer satisfaction. Investing money in network improvement can give a competitive advantage to make customers return to you.

It Makes Maintenance Easy

Not only you need to pay for Wi-Fi for customers, you also need to maintain it occasionally. You need to replace an antenna, a decoder, a wire, a router, and these expenses can be high. Monetizing your guest Wi-Fi is a perfect way to pay for this.

Four Ways to Monetize Your Guest Wi-Fi

Use of Surveys

Surveys help collect data about your visitors to improve your marketing efforts. For example, you could collect email addresses and ask clients for possible ways to make your service better.

Just ensure your questions really encourage people to answer or use the help of writing companies to create a high-quality survey.


Some users would rather watch an advert before accessing a network rather than pay for using it. This old-fashioned way of monetizing still works. You can collaborate with someone interested in getting access to your audience or promote your own services and products to your target audience.

Social Login

Once a customer has accessed a network you can get access to their social media details. This is the first step to improve your marketing strategy. That way you can design personalized campaigns that can help you win more clients or motivate the old ones to return.

Verify Emails to Connect

When users try to log in to your network, they will have to verify their email. You can use email addresses to send notifications about your services, direct them to websites where they can interact with your content or advertise your products.
Email marketing is very effective and you have a perfect source to create an email list from scratch.

Now, You're Ready to Monetize Your Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi monetization is a rising trend in retail business. Now, you have all the basic information to join this trend. Take advantage of this new trend, and you will not be disappointed with the results.