Why is My Computer So Slow All of a Sudden?

Why is My Computer So Slow All of a Sudden?
Often, it so happens that we consider 'old processors and desktops' to be the reason for things moving slowly with your computer. But then, old computers tend to be slow, but there are other reasons as well.
Techspirited Staff
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Speed is the key to everything in today's world, especially, when it comes to technology. We don't want the computer to take minutes to open up a new window, when we know that it has the capacity to do it within seconds!

With the quick changes and development in computer software and programming, dealing with a computer with an ancient speed is simply unacceptable .... You purchase a new computer, use it with all excitement, take proper care of it, equip it with the latest antivirus and spyware protection, but still, after a few days or weeks, you see yourself stuck in the same situation -- your computer is slow ... again! Isn't it really annoying? And then you conclude that your machine is no more the new "speedy supercomputer" you had purchased.

Don't you wonder what could be the reason behind such a slow performance? Well, let me tell you.
Reasons For Computer Running Very Slow
Have You Checked Your Registry?
reasons for slow computer
All the software in your computer has a track record which is stored in the registry. Whenever we install/uninstall new software, and if we do it too often, many times, the database fails to get updated. So, there might be a possibility that there are many unwanted software entries in your registry which is the reason for your computer to go slow! Many software programs available to clean your registry. So, take effective measures and avoid the most common reason for your computer to go slow.
There are many software programs available to clean your registry. So, make sure that you take effective measures to clean your computer registry and avoid the most common reason for your computer to go slow.
OMG! Viruses!!
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The one amazing advantage of the Internet is that we can get free downloads of our favorite movies, music, ringtones, pictures, and what not! But, this advantage is a big disadvantage when it comes to the speed of a computer. Downloading from sites which are not trusted can end up making your computer a new home for viruses, Trojans, malware, worms, etc. Therefore, make sure you have equipped your computer with the best antivirus so that your computer can reach a speed beyond expectation.
Does Your Disk Have Enough Space?
disk space
Most of us can't imagine life without computers! Our everyday work, data, information ..., everything is STORED in it! "Overloading decreases speed", and this statement stands true not only in case of animals, but also computers! Ensure your computer has enough space on the disks. Try to defrag your computer as often as you can to avoid the 'waiting period' while browsing the computer. Also remove the unwanted software that you don't use anymore. Why to keep it when you don't use it?
How Much is Your RAM?
Increasing your RAM can really help in improving the speed of the computer. Using various software which occupy a huge amount of memory makes the computer run very slow. If there are many software running at the same time, then increasing RAM is advisable to boost up the speed. Another simple way to ensure a good speed on your computer is to periodically delete unwanted mp3, cookies, and files of similar nature. It's advisable to have at least 10% of the hard disk free for smooth functioning.
Beware of the Spyware!
While you are trying to browse about airfares, suddenly a window pops up, asking you to date the women whose pictures keep flashing all the way through. It's nothing but a way to take control of your machine! There are many spyware developers who have found out a new way to market and spread the spyware to your machine as soon as you download directly from a website.
The greatest threat is that they can keep a check of all the websites you are visiting. Thus, it's important that your computer has proper protection to help you get rid of spyware and take care of these threats.
Other Causes
Other causes include situations like overheating of the PC and/or opening up of multiple applications at the same time. Yes, we all would agree that the 'impatient human mind' wants everything done as quick as possible. But this desire of the human mind affects the speed of its most admirable invention. So, make sure that unnecessary applications are not opened at the same time and that you have the vents of the CPU unblocked to allow proper ventilation. Thus you can't keep anything on the CPU.
Try taking these measures and start by the defragmentation of your disk and cleaning up your computer registry. I am sure you will see your computer regain its speed and efficiency like the 'old times'.