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What is a Router

What is a Router

Are you interested in knowing what is a router? Read this article carefully and all your questions regarding this topic will be answered.
Pankaj Chobharkar
In today's world, Internet is an ultimate resource for any kind of information. A router is an important device, which forms a part of the Internet connection. It helps to make a better web experience. Despite its significance, many people still don't have enough knowledge about this device.


A router is a computer networking device that facilitates the communication between two or more computer networks. It deciphers data received by a computer through a network, and directs it towards the right computer. It comes in various types, depending upon the kind of connection which you are using. Note that this device is not the same as a modem.


The router works in relation with the IP level. It recognizes data requests based on the unique IP addresses of computers. It sends and receives IP data in the form of packets. These packets have to go through thousands of routers on their way, and each one of them saves some information about the sender router in a routing table. This is done so that the incoming and outgoing packets can be controlled by these devices.

A router does not have to deal with phone lines. It uses the RJ45 type of connectivity to pass on signals between computers; it does not convert any of these signals. It is also used as a means of security, as firewalls can also be implemented through it. Though it is not mandatory for an Internet connection, it is necessary for establishing wireless Internet access. It can also be used for connecting two or more computers to a single Internet connection.


Broadband Router
If you want to use a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service, you will require to use this type of a router. It will let your Internet service communicate to your phone line, thus enabling you make calls through the Internet between two different phones.

Wireless Router
If you have an Internet connection that you want to use all over the house, then you will need this type of router. This way, you will be able to use your Internet all over the house, and you will be able to connect multiple computers to each other through this connection. But, as these wireless signals can spread across a long distance, a good hacker can break into your connection. Hence, make sure that you are using a quality anti-spyware software to secure your data.