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What is eFax?

Bhakti Satalkar Oct 30, 2018
With the advent of Internet, eFax has superseded traditional faxing methods. Here we outline the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.
From the name, it's clear that eFax is a combination of Internet and fax. How does it work? Is it expensive? Can everyone use it? What are the restrictions on the use of this technology? All these questions will be answered further.

eFax Facts

eFax is a generic term for an Internet-based faxing service. It has become popular, due to the cost reduction it offers, compared to traditional faxing. It is a fast, secure, and reliable technique for sending faxes. Using the service, you can send, as well as receive faxes as attachments in emails. It enables you to store, manage, as well as forward faxes.


One of the advantages of using the service is the amount of money it saves for you. The cost of the hardware, including an extra fax line, the fax machine, and associated phone bills can be saved, with the use of eFax. You majorly save on paper costs, due to the digital delivery of faxes to email accounts.
Since, using this service, you can send a fax using any Internet-enabled device, it grants mobility. You can send a fax, even while traveling. It can be sent to both local, as well as international numbers.
The eFax is delivered directly into the inbox and hence, the privacy can be maintained. At the same time, the chances of faxes getting lost or misplaced are also eliminated. There is increased reliability and one does not have to waste time, if the phone lines are busy, or if there is a problem with the fax machine, such as a paper jam.
One can send faxes by highlighting the important points, which will make it easier for the receiver to understand the important points. Forwarding the same faxes to other receivers also becomes very easy. The faxes can be viewed online for 30 days.
However, there are some fax server software programs, that allow the storage of fax online, for as long as 6 months and in some cases even up to 8 to 12 months.


Although a phone line is not necessary for an eFax service, one needs to have an Internet connection. The charges of which will have to be paid for. If the person is not well-versed with computer technology and email, he may find it difficult to use the service.
However, there are services with user-friendly interfaces, which can make it easier for the new user to learn using this new technology. Once the eFax software is purchased and installed, you can continue to receive and send faxes all over the world.
Having understood the basics of Internet faxing, are you not of the opinion that it does make sense to switch over to this new technology? In this case, the pros surely outnumber the cons.There are a number of Internet fax services from which you can choose from. Choose one that adequately suits your requirements.
Note: eFax® is a brand and registered trademark of one of the largest Internet fax brands.