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What is a Data Entry Test

Geeta Dhavale Nov 6, 2018
With the rise in data entry jobs, the entry test is getting immense importance. Here is some information on data entry test so that you can grab your dream data entry job!
Very few of us have a good typing speed.
Well, because we do not have to and more over, we are not paid to type fast. But what if we were? There are many data entry jobs that actually pay people for typing fast and entering the huge data in the computer system for business processes.
Be it preparing annual reports, recording minutes of the meetings, or documenting research findings, etc. Entering a huge data does take a lot of time, more so for person with average typing speed. Hence, many companies prefer to hire people with higher typing speed.

Data Entry Test

Big corporations and companies require trained professionals who can enter the data in the computer system in a minimum time. Some companies also expect such professionals to organize, present, and save the data well for future use. Apart from processing the information, they are also expected to perform other kinds of clerical jobs using different software.
Many companies have their own recruiting criteria where interested candidates have to undergo an entry test. In this test, a candidate is provided with some information or content which he needs to enter in the system and present it well using different tools of the software.
A candidate is given information on a piece of paper which he need to enter in the computer system in a speculated time. In some companies, the information is dictated to the candidate which he need to enter and present well. After the test is over the candidate is judged upon various factors such as, accuracy, spelling mistakes, errors, and vocabulary, etc.
The score is generally measured in terms of percentage and if the candidate exceeds the average expected percentage set by the company, his chances of getting hired increase. But, to achieve the higher score in this test, it is essential for you to practice typing on a daily basis before you actually appear for the final test.

How to Prepare for the Test?

To increase your typing speed it is important to take up mock entry tests at home. There are many ways you can do it. First and one of the easiest ways is to do it on your own. Take a newspaper or any other content and set a particular time to enter that data. Try to enter it in the word document as fast as possible in a speculated time.
Once the complete data is entered, check how many mistakes you have committed and also check the word count. Now, gradually increase the content and reduce the time period and analyze the accuracy. If you find the analyzing part tricky then there is one more way you can try which is of online data entry exams.
There are many websites that allow you to take up these tests and provide you with your scores immediately. Some websites need to be paid to and some websites offer free tests. It helps you judge and improve your progress.
You can check for the following things using free and mock tests:
  • Key strokes per hour, that is, how many characters you can type per hour.
  • Accuracy of the entered data, such as, spelling mistakes and punctuations, etc.
  • You can also view the original content and the content you entered and analyze yourself where you went wrong.
The initial stages are easier where you would be asked to key in simple and short words and as you progress further you will be challenged with complicated data filled with lengthy and difficult words along with numbers and other signs.
Data entry tests certainly help you have a good control and command on your finger as well as a keyboard. So go ahead and take the tests to improve your typing speed and get the desired job.