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What is Web Traffic?

Parameters That Define What Web Traffic is and How to Increase It

What are the parameters which determine the totality of web traffic to any portal on the Internet? All that you need to know is discussed here.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Jan 4, 2019
Web traffic can be most simply defined as the number of visitors who visit a website or the total amount of page views that a site generates. The number of visitors is directly proportional to the amount of data sent and received by the site. It is a notable measure that determines the web site's popularity.
Through analytics services, websites monitor, check, and maintain an account of which web pages are most frequently visited. This is used to improve the defective parts of the site and provide a chance to increase incoming traffic.
Parameters that Define Traffic
Web traffic is calculated by every website to check its own popularity and reach among Internet users. A lot of parameters are analyzed, when calculating the incoming traffic. They are as follows:
  • Total number of visitors to the site
  • The average number of views of a particular page on the site
  • Time spent by a visitor on a particular page, as well as the duration for which he used the site (This is to check whether the content is useful to the visitor)
  • Most popular entry pages
  • The time range when maximum members visit the site
  • Traffic from external sources to pages on the site
Organic Traffic
This traffic is associated with the positioning of the website pages in search engine rankings. Search engines use special programs called spiders or crawlers to cache information and index it into their database. Sites that rank high in search engine results garner the highest amount of traffic.
Natural Traffic
This is direct traffic, generated by readers who visit the website directly, either by searching for the domain name on search engines or by visiting the site's homepage.
Ways To Increase Traffic
Creating high quality original content will increase the chances of search engines providing increased visibility to the site, through rankings. Social media, email, and offline marketing may be used to promote the site.
When the traffic to a site increases, access to a some pages of the web site may slow down, due to limited server capacity. This increase may be unintentional or due to malicious attacks.
Unintentional traffic overload is due to the sudden popularity of the web site, which may be the result of a happening product, breaking news etc.
Malicious traffic may be due to denial-of-service and other hacking attacks.
Access Limitation
Certain websites have access limitations to certain visitors on certain pages of the site. For authorization, user names and passwords are used. This is used to minimize the traffic in specific areas.
Thus, web traffic can be used to determine the popularity of the site, and helps identify the regions of the site that need substantial improvement.