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Web Summit 2019 and the Age of the Mathematicians

Web Summit, Lisbon is the global festival for geeks.
AROBS Nov 16, 2019

There’s No Time for Guessing Anymore

We have to understand that to collect knowledge, to learn if what we are doing is exactly what is necessary. We need to navigate efficiently in the world of today's never-ending content and collect qualitative and qualitative comprehensive information for any product or webpage.

Machine-Learning Will Make Us More Human

The CMO of JP Morgan Chase, Kristin Lemkau showed the audience the study instances based on differences between the ML perspective and the individual one in online campaigns.

The Business of Feelings

Alicia Tillman, CMO of all SAP, beautifully explained, "we've to catch the feelings of our clients". We're living in the experience economy, with client's unique petition, frictionless, strong interaction with the brands.

The only method is business to the audience

As Rankin, famous photographer & co-founder of all RANKIN, said, B2B is the older pat on the back of companies that believe they are doing something to entice customers. The new way, the only method, is business to the audience.

Key Speaker From Huawei

The Huawei President, Guo Ping, outlines the remarkable plans to enroll in its company programmes, by 2025, 5 million applications developers.

Tools And More Tools

Several interesting products were presented to illustrate the trends stated on the point, and I will mention only some: Amplitude, Quantilope, SAP experience direction, Sprinklr, Textmetrics.

The Beautiful Lisbon

The event was a masterpiece of event planning and the host city of Lisbon is a gorgeous and well organized location.