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Voice Mail Ideas

Manali Oak Jan 27, 2019
Voice mails have worked wonders by allowing people to leave messages and enabling the recipient to get back to the caller-up. To make your voice mails sound different and creative, here is a list of some innovative voice mail ideas.
Communication is one of the basic instincts of human beings. As human beings, we want to communicate, socialize, reach out to people around; we want to greet them, wish them or make calls to just get in touch with them. We want to answer our calls but sometimes, we fail to do so. But thanks to voice mails, it is no longer the case.
Machines answer on your behalf and prompt the caller to leave a message. The caller gets a feel of having heard your voice while his/her 'message after the beep' helps you get back to your caller.
You can add some fun to your voice mail messages or keep them short and sweet. You may want to have some creative message for your voice mail or you may prefer to be formal and brief. Whatever your choice, here we have, some voice mail ideas for you.

Voice Mail Greeting Ideas

These messages are short and suit those of you who like to be precise in speech and prefer coming to the point directly.
Some of these have a tinge of humor.
  • Hi, this is Jane, Talk to me.
  • You have reached (specify your telephone number) You know what to do. So do it.
  • You know I cannot talk to you, so talk to me.
  • Hello, this is Jane. Leave a quick message please.
Funny voice mail messages sound cheerful and strike a positive note for your caller. A decent message with a flavor of fun and creativity can please your callers. If you choose to be interestingly creative, record a message that will sound as if you have really picked up the phone and hence the caller will go on talking to you till he/she hears the beep!
There is an option to download voice mail messages, which can be voice recordings of your favorite celebrities. You may choose them to be your voice mail messages. For those of you who wish to add even more fun to your messages, here are ideas for you.
  • I can't come to the phone now because I have amnesia and I feel stupid talking to people I don't remember. I'd appreciate it if you could help me out by leaving my name and telling me something about myself. Thanks.
  • Hello, this is Jane's machine. Wait till I get paper and pencil. (Record the sounds of drawers to get a pencil and the sounds of fluttering papers.) Yes I am here; leave your message, I will write it down.
  • Hi, this is Jane. If you're part of the problem, hang up now. If you're part of the solution, leave a message.
  • Jane has been captured by a flying saucer and can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name, phone number, and a message; I'll have her call you back as soon as she gets away. Read all about it in tomorrow's newspaper.
  • This is a test. This is a test of the voice mail broadcasting system. This is only a test.

Some Tips

  • Through your voice mail message, let the caller know if he/she has a specified amount of time to record the message. Be clear and precise in your message to your callers.
  • For business purposes, it is advisable to be formal in your tone and wording. Let your business contacts know that you are busy with work and will get back to each of them as soon as possible.
  • Maintain a phone log just to make sure you answer all the callers. See that you get back to those who have left you a message.
Wish we could keep personalized voice mail messages, different messages for different callers. Technology can make that possible.