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Visual Stories: The AMP Story Building Tool

Amulya Kalyanshetti Jan 25, 2019
VisualStories.com provides the AMP Story builder tool, that lets you create immersive content on the ever-evolving visual web in the latest storytelling format, 'AMP Stories'.
Users tend to retain visual information better than text-heavy content. That means, along with good content, design has become a vital aspect to glue audience’s attention to your website. And since AMP Stories have more visuals and less text, blogging in this unique content format is the need of the hour.

What Are AMP Stories?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project introduced by Google. AMP Stories are powered by Google's AMP technology and are Instagram and Snapchat-like stories that are immersive, visually vibrant, tappable, mobile-focused, search engine-friendly and fast-loading.
AMP Stories load faster than regular web pages, which in turn, can boost users' time on site. Writers and bloggers, can write and post content in this contemporary Stories format and grow their online presence. Also, it benefits marketers and business owners, to create brand awareness, leading to better return on investment (ROI).

Visual Stories’ AMP Story Builder

Use of the Latest Technologies

Developed from scratch using the latest technologies (Angular 7 and .NET Core 2.1), the AMP Story Builder by Visual Stories is a one-of-its-kind AMP Story development tool. It has an intuitive interface which provides you with the necessary features to create fast-loading, search engine-friendly and visually captivating Stories.

A Huge Image Library

This Story Builder has a huge and free image library of about 500,000+ ready-to-use images. With stunning visuals, this image library helps you create beautiful Stories in no time.

Create Your Personal Library

The AMP Story Builder lets you upload images of your own. It also provides an additional image cropping feature that lets you crop your uploaded image in various sizes. The three sizes with specifications are:
  • Portrait: 928 px or larger (height)
  • Square: 928 X 928 px or larger (w x h)
  • Landscape: 928 px or larger (width)
The images from the image library and personal library can be used as background or foreground images in your story. The inbuilt animations to background images add to the aesthetics of the Stories you create.

Extensive Customization

The AMP Story Builder offers customization in themes, overlays, text and layouts. To make every story appear different, you can choose from different themes provided by the builder. The text and overlay customization options let you enhance the readability of text.
The layout lets you structure your story as it allows you to customize the position of the text and image. You can add multiple layers to one slide. So, to avoid superimposition of layers, it is recommended that you use different layouts.
Want to change the position or sequence of the created layer? Worry not, as you can 'drag and drop' and rearrange the created layer to the desired position, according to the flow of your story.

Minimum Technicalities

The AMP Story Builder by Visual Stories allows you to create stories with minimal manual and technical efforts. With a no-code solution, Visual Stories even lets you set up and integrate a PWA of AMP Stories on your website. The created stories can also be shared on multiple social media platforms.

Guest Blogging in the Form of AMP Stories

A big advantage of signing up with Visual Stories is that it doesn’t just provide the AMP Story Builder, but also a platform to guest-post stories. Known as the Visual Stories Network, it is a holistic mesh of websites of different niches, to which even your websites can join.
With a single sign-up on Visual Stories, you can join as a contributor and guest blog on any of the websites that are currently a part of VSN and write on various categories like, ‘Science and Technology’, ‘Education, Career and Finance’, ‘Relationships and Care’, etc. Bloggers can thus revamp their approach and bid adieu to the traditional way of blogging.
The Visual Stories’ AMP Story Builder caters to not just writers, but also to other users like artists, marketers, business owners, and news agencies. With many businesses opting for AMP Stories to market their product/service, the AMP Story Builder is a perfect one-stop solution to reach a wider audience and boost your business.
Create content in the latest Stories format and stay ahead of your competition. Grow your online presence with the AMP Story Builder by Visual Stories. Sign up and start creating content on any website in the VSN - an amazing platform to start a visual blog. Hop on the visual storytelling trend and your growth is just a tap away.