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Incredibly Amazing Uses of Computers in Nursing Education

Uses of Computers in Nursing Education
The healthcare industry has been expanding, both in terms of jobs and technological advancement. Even in a profession such as nursing, the uses of computers cannot be overlooked. This Techspirited article tells you why.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Gone are the days when patients had to repeatedly tell the nursing staff about their illnesses and history of medical reports. This has happened because of using computers in hospitals for keeping the records of patients, and updating these records with each and every detail.
Computers are undoubtedly an important means to keep up with the pace of the technologically-advanced world. Healthcare is a field where technology has increased the efficiency in patient care. Mentioned below are some of the points which highlight how computers have made it easier for nurses to be efficacious in their job.
Systematic Storage of Information
Be it any education sector, proper and systematic storage of information is a mandatory requirement. Nurses can use computers to take down and store notes of the patients, as they examine them while taking rounds. As the supervised rounds involve a lot of patients, and a lot of information, using a 'personal digital assistant' (PDA) makes it easier to access the right medical information at the right time, instead of carrying a bunch of paperwork and then taking time to search the piece of paper you need. PDAs help you save time when you need to access the information as quickly as possible. These make the work quick, efficient, and accurate. These advantages definitely help making the storage part a lot easier.
We all would agree that PowerPoint presentations are more efficient and have more impact on the receiver when it comes to presenting data. Even in the field of nursing education, computers help the tutors/educators to present the large and complicated data, which of course is a part of the medical study, in a very simplified and effective format. Features such as PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, videos, enable a better understanding of the complex medical procedures and more.
The field of medicine involves the concept of 'hands-on work'. I mean, be it a doctor or a nurse, countless procedures are done on patients regularly. Nursing education, therefore, must involve a lot of practice programs to make the students efficient to face the real-life scenarios. Computer programs enable simulate such procedures, thereby being of great use.
Wider Horizon for Research
Assignments do include a lot of materials and research. Computers can help you properly present and format your research. Using the internet will also give you a wider horizon to find relevant study materials. Many reliable and trusted websites provide access to medical journals. A lot of in-depth knowledge and understanding can be gained through this source.
Computers also contribute and help the students know their strengths and weaknesses. There are many quiz programs and medical tests with immediate feedback that can help you brush and develop your medical facts and requirements, without any delay. Your queries are solved, you know the answers, and you know where you stand. A regular use of such computer applications definitely make you more equipped and well-researched for your field.
Interactive Learning
The most appealing and outstanding feature of computer-based education is that it gives a boost to interactive learning. Unlike traditional methods of learning, where everything was done based on papers and individual understanding, computer-insisted learning encourages more interaction and communication among the instructors and the students, thereby increasing the scope to learn and understand better.
Computers have also made sure that the new generation of medical practitioners are highly equipped with the advanced technology of medicine. If you are, or dream of becoming a nurse, then I hope this information has encouraged you to be a part of the technologically-advanced healthcare sector, inspiring you to become the best in the nursing field. All the best.
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