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Types of Database Software

Charlie S Oct 23, 2018
Computer software and computer technology has changed the way we do our business in this era of advanced technology. Database software can help us handle large data more efficiently. In this write-up, we shall discuss the types of database software in detail.
Database software is being used on a large-scale in the information technology sector these days due to its various uses. First of all, before we try and understand the different types of database software and their advantages, we need to know what exactly is a 'database software'.

Database Software

The term database means a structured and systematic collection of data. Database software, in simple words are the main types of application software used for business purposes. Application software is that software which will directly utilize the computer capacities for completing the given task.
Many times, application software is focused just on one task, such as video files, spreadsheet or word processing. The best part about the database software (application software) is that it can easily manipulate graphics, numbers and also text.
Database software is an excellent tool in the organization of data and assisting the uses of the database in completing database operations successfully. Database software helps save time by doing tasks fast and accurately. Enhancement of tracking features and keeping records of people safely are the main benefits of membership database software.

Database Software Types

Oracle Database Software

Oracle database software is the most preferred database software in the industry and this is evident from the fact that Oracle is a market leader in the database software business with a stunning fifty percent market share.
This is a result of constant innovation and high acceptance of its Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is useful in storing data in the form of data files and table spaces. Also, the Oracle database recovery software is very useful in recovery of problematic and damaged Oracle 11g, 9i, 10g databases.

SQL Server

If you are looking for a relational model database server, then SQL Server from Microsoft would be the best choice for you. Among the functions of SQL Server, buffer management is the key one. With the help of this software, you can buffer pages in your RAM and reduce your disc's I/O.
The number of pages that shall be cached in memory will depend on the memory of the SQL server. With the help of a write ahead log, SQL Server will implement transaction and every log entry made corresponds to a fixed log sequence number.
The reason why SQL Server is used in businesses is because of its ability to allow many clients to use the same database at the same time. Using this, a project can be completed in lesser time and also with high level of accuracy.


Sybase, which is a SAP company, makes use of relational databases and data warehousing for systematic management of useful information or data. Sybase Replication Server, Advantage Database Server and Adaptive Server Enterprise are the main product offerings of Sybase in the field of data management.
If your company needs analytics products, then Sybase Complex Event Processing and Sybase IQ are the Sybase products which you should opt for. On the other hand, for mobility products, you have options like Afaria, GRX 365, Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and SMS Ad Exchange.


IBM DB2 is a database server from IBM which runs on Windows servers, Linux, IBM i, Unix and z/OS. The technical specifications of IBM DB2 suggest that it has XML data storage, supports XQuery and SQL and can be easily administered from command line. IBM DB2, which was released in 1983 has been written in C and C++ programming languages.
With the help of IBM DB2, you can get data warehousing facility because it powers IBM InfoSphere Warehouse. IBM DB2 is considered as the best database server for error handling and management purposes.
So, these were the main types of database software which you can use to make your company a technologically advanced one. Use of these software will enable you to follow strict deadlines and fulfill client expectations which is necessary to stay afloat in times of tough competition.