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Terrific Benefits of Guest Posting in 2019

Your guest posts - with their plentiful benefits - may prove to be one of the most fruitful aspects of your entire content strategy in 2019.
Ishaan Govardhan Mar 27, 2019

Easy Networking

Whether you’re pitching topics or submitting article drafts for your host's approval, you can take the opportunity to build new relations and save contacts. Good relations may give rise to new leads or future business opportunities.

More Exposure

As a marketing tool, even a single guest post − on the right website − is invaluable. Popular websites like Cracked or Upworthy accept guest posts and even pay for them.

You can claim your time in the spotlight, by leveraging such platforms to display expertise.
Branding is all about getting your name out there to secure a wider readership for your own blog.
If you instill every guest post with the essence of your brand, you will become more recognizable. As long as you can advertise yourself without making it too obvious.

New readers will find it easy to associate you with your area of expertise. You can also include your social media links at the end of your guest post, to amass a greater online following.

Earn More Credibility

Reputation − as ever − matters in 2019. Guest posting throughout your niche is a good way to prove your authority and attain next-level peer recognition.

If you can write guest posts that are good enough to spark discussions in the comment section, you will win the trust of your online community.

Build Your Portfolio and Improve Writing

By guest posting on other websites, you can supplement your ever-growing portfolio with frequent, well-written and informative content.

As a guest poster, being open to your host’s feedback can help you learn and grow. You can sharpen your writing skills while exploring every corner of your niche at the same time.

Redirect Traffic to Your Website

As long as you follow their guest post guidelines, host websites are happy to let you include backlinks in your guest post. Readers will follow such links to your own website, thus increasing your site traffic organically.

Backlinks will prove to be the most precious benefit of guest posting, if you can sprinkle them strategically throughout your content.
Excessive backlinking can prove to be counter-intuitive, because you may end up compromising the integrity of your content with too many out-of-context links.

Google and other search engines look at each backlink as a sign that your content and your blog are to be trusted.

Higher Rankings

With enough backlink traffic, your website will gain credibility. This will earn your website a stronger Domain Authority (search engine rank). With guest posts, you can piggyback on a host website’s good Domain Authority to build up your own.

And the higher your website ranks on Google’s SERPs and Alexa Rank, the more people it’ll reach.

AMP Story: The Ideal Guest Post

2019: Year of the Mobile-users

Mobile-users are the major contributors of all online traffic today. Since AMP Stories are the latest mobile-friendly content format and are shareable across social media sites, your guest posts in AMP Stories format will attract mobile-users like moths to a flame. And they will then follow the backlinks in your Story back to your own blog.

Visual Stories: Guest Posters’ Paradise

Visual Stories - a blogging platform - offers guest posters the AMP Story Builder to create fast-loading, smooth and visually engaging reading experiences for their readers.

Time to modernize your content strategy, impress your peers and readers with this modern Storytelling experience, and win over more mobile-users!