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Taking a Design Thinking Approach to Web Design

Muneeza Jamal Nov 30, 2019
What makes a photograph or logo a good piece of art? What is the definition of a good design? A good design is the one that not only looks good to the eyes but also fulfills the function it is designed for.


It may seem like a simple thing to do but still requires hard work and planning. A number of web designing Karachi agencies have started to follow the design thinking strategy for producing great web designs.

Design Thinking & Web Design

Airbnb is a famous example of design thinking and web design. Ever since they have uploaded high resolution pictures, their site has started doing well. The booking have gone up even though it seems like a small change. This is what the design thinking is about. The design idea, aimed at improving the user experience needs to be tested.

Million Dollar Question

However, the million dollar question is what actually is design thinking and how does a person think like a designer? Well, design thinking is a strategic and creative way of solving real world issues. The first step is to understand the user problem through problem solving and innovative approach.

Focuses on Customers

It focuses on the customers. For designing a service, a product or a site, the customer behavior and taste needs to be made the center of attention. Focusing on the customer traits and behavior helps in gathering data and information to empathize with their needs. This is the number 1 rule of a design thinking strategy.

Understanding the Problem

In order to provide the right solution, you must understand the problem correctly. You may need to re frame your mind. Always conduct your research and observe if there is a certain pattern or a theme about customer needs and interaction with your website etc.

Give Room to Ideation and Brainstorming

In order to design a perfect eCommerce or a corporate site, you need to allow yourself time and space for shaping up the ideas. This will help in producing the best ideas.

Ideation at the Center of Design Thinking

After you are clear about the customers’ behavior, you need to plan a design that delivers as per customers requirements. Note down two to three design ideas that come to your mind and put them to test later on.

Prototyping and Testing

After the ideas are finalized, you have to create a prototype which needs to be tested. You don’t have to scale up a prototype on every occasion. Try to get feedback from end-users and make them a permanent part of the prototyping and testing process to produce an immaculate web design.

Continuous Enhancements

Design thinking is not fixed. You need to continuously improve your site from time to time depending on the user needs and issues. If your business is all about keeping the end user happy, you have to work on design thinking.