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Steve Jobs: Maverick of the Digital Age

Veethi Telang May 10, 2019
.. but then, death is a destination shared by all.
A St. Croix black turtleneck, a pair of Levi's 501 blue jeans, and New Balance 991 sneakers. Every damn time you see him. Millions of thoughts circulating in his mind, but that wicked, seriously wicked smile on his face, every time he's on stage, had simply one thing to say - 'iAm gonna teach 'em nuts bloody how to hold a cell phone'!
Yeah, he was arrogant. But when you're Steve Jobs, you can be whatever the heck you want! Call him innovative, call him revolutionary. Add all the adjectives you can think of, to his name - he was simply a hard-working man who went to bed every night with a feeling of having done something wonderful in the day. 'Touched' a chord? iAgree, Sir.
'Stay hungry, stay foolish', said a guy who was kicked out of his own company years ago, and look what he left behind himself - a $350 billion behemoth vowed to keep the magic, he created with his iDevices, alive. Clearly, his objective was to invent tomorrow, rather than worrying about yesterday.
Today, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, his demise leaves us with a series of questions, the most important one being, can Apple sustain without the 'CEO of the decade'?
Well, all we can say is, the most notorious chief executive knew what he was doing when he stepped down as the baron of Apple. And come on, Mr. Cook has loads of credibility entailed with his name. Gosh, haven't you had a look at how 'Siri-ously' awesome iPhone 4S is?
Look at the ding, Jobs put in the universe - fans all over the world grieve over the man's death. Aren't you glad you live in a world of tablets and smartphones; a world that he created, while we, the tech-suckers, just walked along?
It wasn't too long ago while you were wrestling with your MP3 player that could not even hold all your favorite songs at once, did the man with a vision blow people's minds by giving away a spruced-up multi-media device that was clearly the MP3 player even God must have wanted to listen to.
A device holding 10,000 songs, tons of movies, Angry Birds, and Call of Duty too? You gotta be kiddin' me. And who can miss the iPad? One of those flat-slab computers that sold out Apple's inventory the first weekend itself! Who else could have made it happen? Only Steve, only Steve.
So, what is next for Apple? Sadness prevails, but Apple, Inc. says, 'iMoveOn'. With a plethora of devices in the pipeline, Apple is not going to stop creating magic with its iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs.
Even though Jobs left a void no other man can ever fill, he has left the world to play with his products that not only made life easy, but inspired many too. This, in every way, will keep Apple Computers going. Unless the Internet disappears, music dies, and electronics decay, an 'Apple' a day will thrive to keep competitors at bay.
Steve Jobs was a legend, and will always be remembered for his innovation with the 'fruit of knowledge', just like Sir Isaac Newton did. Let's pray the legend rests in peace. After all, even God may want an iPhone.