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Speech Recognition Software

Understand the Complex Working of Speech Recognition Software

The speech recognition software is a well-known application that helps to cope with different speaking speeds. It involves a procedure that allows a computing system to apply a sequence alignment method for speech recognition.
Gaynor Borade
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019
The Internet and wireless technology have enhanced every aspect of our lives, with instant connectivity and the advanced operations made possible. The special speech recognition software applicable today is a complex package that not only recognizes the voice of a person, but also makes what is said, clearly audible.
The design is to convert the words uttered into a wireless input that is readable by the gadget. It works such that there is a binary code produced for every string of character. It is often imprecisely mistaken for speech recognition.
It is important to understand that the technology enhanced is for dedicated 'speaker recognition'. The attempt is to identify the person who is speaking and not what is being communicated.
Speech recognition software application is operation specific and includes a number of dedicated components, like voice dialing, call routing, audio search that is based on spoken content, and appliance control that is demotic in nature, where you are able to locate a podcast in which particular words were communicated.
The other features include simple data entry, the preparation of specific documents, and effective text processing from the speech identified and coded. It is a performance-based and speech-recognition-oriented attempt that is usually measured on the basis of the recorded accuracy and speed of the application.
The 'accuracy' part of the evaluation is measured in terms of performance accuracy. The Word Error Rate (WER) rating system is applied and evaluated here, while the 'speed' part of the evaluation is taken care of via an extensive Real Time Factor system (RTF).
There are a number of other evaluation techniques also applied to measure the performance, like the Single Word Error Rating (SWER) and the Command Success Rating (CSR) systems. Most users agree to the success and high performance of the technology, especially within a controlled environment.
There are commercially marketed and easily accessible speaker dependent systems for effective dictation, that involve a training period that is short and successfully evaluates recorded speech, including a large vocabulary, with accuracy. The technology is on record for achieving nearly 98% accuracy, under conditions that are monitored and optimized.
The application of the software is optimized, when the users are trained to adopt certain preconditioned speech characteristics, in sync with the data made available for the training, and when proper 'speaker adaptation' is attempted and applied.
It also makes a difference to the performance of the special software, if the work environment is noise free. This also contributes to the reason why users with a heavy accent are poorly rated. The application has become a popular search technology used by a number of video search companies operating world wide.
There are limited vocabulary systems available too. These are designed for operations within which there is no demand for training. The software is able to 'recognize' a limited vocabulary use that is used by most people and effectively route incoming phone calls to their destinations.
Technologies Used
The technology within the software uses both, the acoustic and language modeling systems. They are used to enhance the achievements of the statistics-based algorithms. The language modeling systems have support applications, like the document classification and special keyboard operations.
The statistics based models apply the technology by creating an output of a sequence of symbols. The application is popular because of the automatic, simple, and feasible training. The modern systems use the standard techniques in various combinations. Decoding of the speech has enhanced the operations of many a business venture world wide.