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Sound Card Installation

Sound Card Installation

The sound card is a vital component of a computer, and you can learn how to install it all by yourself. This is a very simple task, and here's how you must go about doing it.
Techspirited Staff
If you know how to install sound card on your computer, you will be able to listen to all sorts of audio files. Music files, videos, movies, and audio-enhanced presentations are just some of the files that you can enjoy if you have it on your machine. Most computers that are available in the market today already have it on them, but sometimes you may need to install one.

Laptop computers do not provide you the option to open them up at will, and doing so nullifies the warranty. So, laptops will always have the best possible sound card installed in them when you buy them. On the other hand, desktop computers can be opened any time you wish. If you know how to install one, all you need to do is open up the machine and go ahead with it; it is as easy as it gets, and it only takes a few minutes.


First of all, you need to be clear about why you are installing this card. If you are facing problems, try some other solutions before you set out to replace it. But, if your computer does not have one at all, then you surely need to install it to enjoy all your multimedia features on the computer.

Go to a computer repair store and purchase a new one before you begin. Do some research before you carry out this purchase, and buy one that belongs to a well-reputed and reliable company. This will cost a few more dollars, but it will ultimately be worth it. If you use an inferior quality card, it will wear out faster and cause more problems in the future. Keeping all this in mind, start with the procedure:
  • To begin with, you must go through the user manual that you received with your computer, and read all that you can about opening up the computer and also about the procedure. The more you know about these, the better it will be for you.
  • Now, you must ensure that the drivers that come with the card are installed on your computer. When you purchase one, you receive a CD containing the drivers along with it. Install these on your machine before you go ahead, and physically install the card. Alternately, you can even download these drivers from the website of its manufacturer.
  • Now, switch off your computer completely, and turn off all power switches. Remove the side of the computer by unscrewing all the visible screws.
  • Locate the old card, and unplug everything that is connected to it. Do not blindly pull it out; you must carefully note all the cables that are attached to it, and then release them one by one before you actually remove it.
  • Now, insert a new one into the same slot in the same manner, and proceed to reconnect all the wires and cables that were attached to the old one, including those of the speakers, if they were attached previously.
  • Now, close the side of the computer and switch on the machine.
If you have done all this right, it will work instantly. Try playing an audio file to check if it is functioning properly. If it is not, it could either be a hardware problem or a software one. Installing drivers is important, and if this is not done properly, the card will not work.

One of the easiest things about computers is installing this card. Anyone with basic knowledge about computers can do this successfully, and it does not require any thorough technical knowledge or experience.