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Smart Washrooms for the Smart Home

Abbie Faulkner Oct 25, 2019
We have had front row seats when it comes to the evolution of technology. It certainly provides us with many new opportunities, and with the digital advancement still rapidly growing, it’s no surprise it’s turning to areas which we never expected.

The Trend

Although the future may not be spoken about with such certainty, technology these days helps reshape the world and essentially encourages us. The real question is, how can we be using technology to tackle problems and crisis the world is currently facing? Is there anything we can do to help with climate change?
Smart technology has firmly made its way into people’s homes, all across the world. We know about Alexa, speaking assistants, automated vacuums, clever lights and many more features that we seem to love. But what about a smart washroom, for a smart home?  Can we have a shower proof amazon Alexa, artificial intelligence to inform us of our impact?

4 Ways to a Smarter Washroom

We don’t have all answers, but we do have ways to enhance a washroom to make it smarter! Washrooms are functional, and latest developments in technology have made it possible to improve your hygiene, and experience a more luxurious time in washroom!

Sensor Taps

A small, but clever bit of kit to have in any washroom. They are the go to tap for many businesses, but who says we can’t introduce these into our homes? It is operated by a sensor (surprise).
When the sensor detects hands placed underneath the tap, it’s go time for water. This is a clever way to reduce water usage, and enhance hygiene. See the benefits.

Eco Friendly Dryers

The quickest, most efficient way to dry your hands. There has been an exceptional increase in smart and advanced eco friendly hand dryers that are able to report amount of energy used per day, and how much money is saved. This is a great feature in any washroom to reduce your footprint and be more eco friendly.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This is for the music lovers, not only do you stream water, but you can jam to your favourite songs too! There are also LED shower heads which change colour to indicate when the temperature is just right for you.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Rather than constantly purchasing bottles of soaps and having to fight with faulty soap pumps, they are slowly but surely, becoming a thing of the past. It’s time to take care of the environment, which means less plastic. Automatic soap dispensers make hand washing more hygienic.

Be Smart!

There are many more ways in which you can make your washroom smarter, but the four listed are our favourites and can make a huge impact in the long term. It’s time to invest in technology that could save our planet.