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7 Sure Shot Signs That Your Smartphone is Making You Dumb

7 Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb
A smartphone is a decidedly must-have thing in our life, it is like a status symbol that needs to be displayed vainly. While our phones keep getting smarter with technological advancements, we are however, losing our smartness because of our excessive dependence on it. Know how your smartphone is making you dumb, in this Techspirited article.
Techspirited Staff
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
"Cell phones, mobile e-mail, and all the other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity."
― Robin Sharma
Want to know where you will find that dress which some celebrity was garbed up in some red carpet event? Easy! Want to know a good café that serves a delicious tuna sandwich? You will know that even before you can say knife. Almost everything and anything is possible at a lightning fast speed with your smart phone.
God forbid, if on a fateful day, you find your smart phone acting funny and not the usual smarty pants you know it to be, we reckon the functioning of your life would come at a screechy halt. Aaagghhh.
So habitual we have become to our smart phones that without it we can't even tell what day it is let alone someone's birthday. Smart phones have stultified our analytical thinking, numbed our cognitive skills, and stifled our brain power. That's true. The following signs will tell you how dumb you have become because of your smart phone.
Your communication skills have deadened
Yes, that is 100% true. When was the last time you actually remember having a normal conversation with someone? This got you thinking right? We are not only hinged to our phone because we want to know the direction of a family friend's house but also we need it to ease awkwardness or ennui. You have forgotten the age-old art of communication.
You have no clue as to what is happening around you
This is a classic symptom of smart phone ailment. Your device incarcerates your attention, making you completely oblivious about things that are going around. Your conscious mind is so vanquished by your phone that you wittingly or unwittingly avoid other people's presence.
You can't remember your mom's number
Agreed that your smarty device can save thousands of contacts, but we reckon it behooves you to memorize phone numbers at least of your closed ones. Most of us totally forget that even something smart as the smart phone can feel out of sorts, and if it does, you lose all your contacts. Imagine being stuck in an elevator because of power outage and not being able to recall anyone's phone number, not even your mom's. Sad.
You have become bad at spellings
If there's one skill that has taken a major plummet since smart phones, it is our linguistic ability. It is plain gnawing to see those half-eaten words on your phone screen, it almost took me two days to figure this "symtyms I dnt knw wt he mnz". By virtue of auto correct, things have become really easy, but in turn, have made you more dumb.
You can't sleep peacefully
This is rather serious, you may not be handling your phone on the bed per se, but having it near you is most likely to disrupt your deeper phase of sleep that is concerned with body repairing. And what about the nagging itch to check your email or Facebook notification? Sleep deprivation redounds in a bad way on our health, and we are sure you can endure an 8-hour parting from your precious phone.
You cannot focus for long periods
If at all you arrive at this point of our article, then we would like to give you a big thank you! How often do we actually READ an article we come across on the net? Not really! Our attention span has become worse, worse than a squirrel or a goldfish. With the plethora of apps, games, features, services, etc., we just don't know how and where exactly to expend our energy. So, in a bid to do everything, we wind up doing things half-heartedly.
You cannot read the map
We feel like a lost ball in high weeds without the company of our phone and that enigmatic and sensual voice that directs us to our desired route. We are so hinged on our GPS that we no longer know how to read a map; why do you need it when your smart phone can feed you with every little information?