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Science And Technology Infused With Tattoo

Thanks to science and technology, more can now be told from Tattoos.
Anika Reynesh Mar 11, 2019

Why do Many Folks Tattoo Their Bodies?

Yes, it is common knowledge that so many folks tattoo their bodies with beautiful permanent colors that symbolize, for example: a spouse, child, dead relative, gang or any other thing that a person stands for.

But more can now be done with a tattoo, all thanks to technology.

Barcode Tattoos to Store Music

Tattoos can now be used as barcode to store music. Go to the company, Skin Motion, with your picked song.

The company will code your song to match a design/drawing. Take the drawing to your tattoo artist to have it inscribed on your arm or wherever you want.
Using the Skin Motion App, you can scan the tattoo.

When the app senses the tattoo, it immediately plays the associated song.

Health-influenced Color Changing Tattoo

In addition to the barcode, scientists are in the process of creating smart tattoos that would change color based on the health conditions of the body (according to stories making the news).

But to build such a tattoo, the scientists have to first overcome the limitation of anything else, apart from the body health, influencing the tattoo color.
It would be really cool to have a natural indicator in the form of a tattoo that could tell about one's body health condition. Or one that could be used as a natural barcode.

However, many including me, would first have to overcome their fear of getting a tattoo to make this work.