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Pros and Cons of Reverse Cell Phone Number Search

Anju Shandilya Jan 22, 2019
Let us discuss the pros and cons of reverse phone number lookup services, which are offered for free by many websites. One can get the relevant information of a cell phone user through such services.
People across the country do not list their telephone numbers in a directory for reasons of maintaining confidentiality and privacy. In fact, one of the main reasons that people prefer cell phones is because it offers them privacy and the option to choose if they wish to answer the call as they can identify the user.
With the advent of Internet, reverse cell phone look up directory has become a very widely used online tool, which provides the name and address for any phone number. Before you get any ideas, let me tell you that these sites are perfectly legal and also offer their services free of cost.
The good websites return information including the full name and full address associated with the number, cell phone or phone carrier information. In some cases, the date of birth, age, gender, issuing location, current, and previous names are also listed.
You can get your number listed with a website by sending an email to the webmaster and the site will store your number along with the other numbers and will utilize it while returning the list of results.
Plenty of reverse telephone directories are available on the web and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The only difficult part to getting this information can be finding a reputable reverse telephone look up directory.
Most websites claim of being able to provide us with full name, address, or company of the individual you look up. However, in most of the cases, none of these claims are met and the information itself maybe incorrect.
Majority of reverse telephone directory websites provide little more than the name, some providing only a last name and a list of 'possible' first names. The addresses that are available with these probable names are often outdated or incorrect.


Reverse cell phone number search has a number of advantages, the main ones being obtaining the name of a caller and screening your phone calls. You may not have time to talk for hours to everyone who calls you and may not want to take the chance answering the phone when you do not know who is calling.
Another advantage is that you can find an address. If you misplace your friend's address, a quick free cell phone number look up can get it for you quite quickly. It is a great alternative when compared to digging out an address book or a phone book. A reverse phone lookup search is so fast that you can have your friend's name and address in a few seconds.
The best advantage of a reverse telephone directory is that you can put an end to crank calls. Further, in cases of hoax calls and threatening calls, though the chances are slim, the reverse telephone directory may help provide information about the callers.
Journalists, investigators, attorneys, legal professionals, skip tracers, research professionals, and bounty hunters all use a free cell phone number look up service to aid in their business. These days, spouses are using the facility to find out if their partners are cheating on them.
Further, parents can check as to where their son or daughter has been calling, as they would be concerned that their child is falling in with bad company.


The major disadvantage of the reverse cell phone number search is that there is a high possibility that you will lose your privacy. If you cell number gets listed on anyone site, then gradually all the other sites will pick it up. You will be at the mercy of telemarketers.
Although the sites claim that you can send an email to remove your number from their database, effectiveness of this email is uncertain.
Phone detective website stands out as having one of the most comprehensive and accurate search databases on the Internet. If this website is not able to help you, running a few Google searches will help you identify some top-ranked reverse cell phone sites. Also, you can pick the sites that provide exclusive information about a particular city or state.