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RAR Extractor

Compressing files has become a necessity, as it saves vital time and space. RAR compressed files can be decompressed by using various extractors, which can be downloaded from the Internet.
Neil Valentine D'Silva Sep 30, 2018
RAR files are compressed files. You can compress data files on your computer in many ways, some of the popular ones are .zip, .rar, and .cab, all of which appear as extensions when the files are compressed. The .zip files are certainly the most popular, but because most .zip extractors, like WinZip, are paid software, their usage is somewhat restricted.
Among average users of the computers, i.e., those who mainly use it for their home and small business purposes, the .rar formats are very popular since there are options to get free RAR extractors.
The extension .rar is a portmanteau of the words Roshal ARchive, after the name of its founder, Eugene Roshal. Roshal's applications were initially only for the DOS format, and later on they were applied to other platforms as they started getting developed. Today, we have archivers for every platform - Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
The application that is used to pack and unpack files into the .rar format is known as a RAR extractor or archiver. This application will compress the file to a smaller size. This smaller file is easier to manage.
Advantages of .rar compression are:-
  • It makes the file size smaller for better organization of the desktop.
  • The compressed files are easier to send and receive via email or even chat messengers.
  • The compressed files are easy to download from the Internet and upload to it. Because of the smaller size, a lot of time is saved.
Why .rar then? Why not .zip? For quite a few reasons:-c
  • The foremost reason is that most .zip archivers are not free. You have to pay. Even WinZip, the premier zipping archiver has a trial period, after which you have to buy and register the product.  
  • On the other hand, WinRar, which is the Windows version of the RAR extractor is shareware. There are also freeware extractors available, like the popular 7z.
  • Some people find .zip extractors a bit difficult to use in comparison with .rar. It is easy to pack the files into the compressed format, since it is just a matter of one click, but unpacking procedures are different.
  • Even the interface of zip extractors may be intimidating to some. RAR extractors are minimalistic in their interfaces.
How do we use the RAR extractors? Again this is a very simple procedure. There are two things you must know - the packing (compressing) and the unpacking (decompressing) of the document.
Packing the document in the .rar format - You only have to open the document that you want to compress as .rar in the documents folder. Then right click on the filename. This will have the option of 'Add to filename.rar'. Just select this option. When done, your document will be compressed into the .rar format and will be saved in the same folder.
Decompressing the document in the .rar format - Again here, you have to find the document in the documents folder and double click on it. That's all. If the compressed .rar document has come from through an email attachment or through a website (such as an installation file), then it will automatically open the .rar decompressor.
Within seconds, the file will be decompressed and added to the 'Downloads' folder of your computer. You will get a window showing the files in the document. Now, you can click on the 'Extract to' button, which is on top of the software and move these contents to wherever you want.
If you read between the lines, you will understand that you do not have to specifically open the extractor, it opens by itself. You only have to click on the document in question and the task is accomplished.
Now the premier RAR extractor on the Internet is shareware, and that is WinRar. However, if you want freeware, then you might do a search on the Internet and you will find some good RAR extractors. Make sure to visit blogs and forums and see what the consumers are reviewing about the extractors they use. That will give you a better idea what you must use.