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Prominent Google Ranking Factors for 2019

Sonali Pimpale Jan 25, 2019
With about 200 ranking signals used by Google, it would be a fool's errand to try to incorporate each one of them. A few handpicked ones will secure you a proud place in the top Google searches.

Mobile Friendliness

As mobile searches have eclipsed the desktop ones, Google has started mobile-first indexing, i.e., the mobile version of your site will be preferred for indexing and ranking over the desktop one. Thus, a mobile-friendly website will help you rise through the ranks in Google searches.

Page Speed

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is dedicated to boost the speed of mobile sites. Fast loading sites have better chances to rank higher, as page speed is now considered to be a ranking factor for not only desktop searches, but also mobile searches. Implement AMP on your mobile pages to enjoy a rise in ranking and traffic.

Keyword Intent

Just maintaining an optimum keyword density no longer cuts it. Your content must match the intent behind the keyword.
The keyword intent can be transactional, where the user wants to buy something; informational, where the user just wants to know more about a service, product or subject; or navigational, where the user searches for a particular brand. Figure out the users’ intent, and furnish them with the relevant content to attract more traffic.

Topic Authority

Whenever you have a query about a particular subject, whom do you go to? Obviously, someone you perceive as an authority or expert on the subject. When you have a large volume of quality content on a certain topic, Google sees you as an authority on that topic, thereby increasing your chances of a higher ranking.

Content Format

Just having exceptional content is not enough to keep the readers’ attention. The way you present it has an equally important effect on your ranking. The time of lengthy articles is long past. Today, readers love to read visually striking content with brief textual information. AMP Stories, a part of the AMP project, serves exactly this purpose.
The mobile-friendly, search engine optimized Stories are guaranteed to keep the readers engaged with their beautiful visuals, increasing the session duration/dwell time, and ultimately, your Google ranking. Create and share the stunning Stories using the AMP Story Builder on Visual Stories and watch your rankings shoot up in no time!

Inbound Links

An important SEO ranking factor, having links directed to your site from high authority websites shows Google that these websites trust you and your content, thereby greatly impacting your ranking.