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Professional Logo Design Tips

A professional logo is a matter of good planning, thinking, and using your creativity so that the company's image is reflected in it. Here are some tips for the best design.
Kashmira Lad May 10, 2019
Take some time off and think about the brand of any product that you are commonly using. What is it that you can remember about the logo of this particular brand? Does it incorporate a graphic or just text? If so, are you able to recall the colors or even the font used? If yes, then this is the sign of a successful design and advertising strategy.
Companies who need to establish an identity of the product or brand need to use a logo. It is the face of the company and conveys a message about it to the public. It should be very attractive and appealing and can make use of graphics, text, symbols, and calligraphy.

Tips to Design the Perfect Logo

There are many aspects designers need to keep in mind when it comes to a logo design:

● You must take into account the business of the company. It should say either in a direct manner or through a symbolic way, what the company stands for. The design must be able to connect with the audience so that the product is associated with the logo very easily.
It is not mandatory to convey the business of the company, but this would also depend largely on the client. There are times when you may have the freedom to experiment.
● Avoid complicated graphical forms. Usually, if the design is simple, it helps in connecting with the audience better.
● You have to plan the colors and the fonts with utmost care. Remember that it needs to appear on the letterhead or even a poster on the sidewalk. The colors should merge easily and be easy to reproduce in the print and online media.
The colors you choose can also help one to establish the identity of the brand. The fonts used should be readable and should be related to the concept. For example, one cannot use highly decorative fonts for a brand that sells products for senior citizens. In such cases, a font that is easily readable, sober, and simple works better.
● The contours should be such that it looks good in color as well as black and white. Remember, advertising concepts may require the logo to be flexible enough to blend with the color schemes used in the press ad.
● Look at the successful logos around you. Try to find out the concept behind it and the reason it has been universally accepted. Is it the font or the color? Does it have a graphic that is symbolic or is it very simple in its appearance?
Most designers need to keep their minds open and evaluate the most popular ones in the market. Refer to the latest fashion and corporate magazines, check out the advertising gimmicks, and how the logos are used to enhance them at times.
● You must also think about the size and proportions. The design should be well-balanced and should look attractive in whatever size it may be used. It may look good on the computer, but the proportions you use may not be very attractive once you blow up the design.
● You must make a careful study of the competitor's logo. Know the popularity of the products, the image the company portrays, and the various segments it caters to. Try to do a complete brand study of the competitors. This will help you plan a very attractive output and also maintain its exclusivity.
● The tag line is also important for any company. The design must cater to use this in the best possible way.
Always bear in mind that the logo would be used for many years, as most companies shy away from changing it very frequently, to avoid losing brand identity. Moreover, it should appeal to the classes as well as the masses. A successful design can help you get more references who would want to use your professional expertise.