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Printable DVD Movie Covers

Scholasticus K Nov 7, 2018
After the compact disc is burned, we put it in a plastic cover and usually label it with the particulars of the content with a marker. Here are ways to make compact discs look original and different by choosing printable movie covers.
DVD and CD covers are usually of two types. The discs can either be placed in plastic covers or cases that have a locking hub, which grips the disc by the hole located in the center. One must note that this process of burning a DVD or VCD along with the printable covers is a download application.
The websites that are used to download the covers are usually authorized. Many of these websites have a tie-up or a contract with the distributors of the movies that are being downloaded.
When you download a particular release, the site receives a specific amount of revenue. This revenue is then distributed with the search engine. The actual producer and distributor owns all the rights to distribute the movie through the site. Naturally, the maximum amount of revenue goes to the producer and distributor.
However, one has to make sure that the download site is an official one, as a large number of pirated 'copies' or 'prints' also exist on the web.
Almost all such sites make it mandatory for all the users to register on the websites. Some sites where you can directly make your own DVDs, also have printable covers, and provide you with a software that can be downloaded.
The software proves to be very handy as it fulfills the following functions.
  • This software remains on your computer and you do not have to visit the website each time you want to print movie covers.
  • When you want to download particular movies from a website, this software gives you the available list and also helps you to search for the ones you want.
  • This software is especially useful to download a specific season or episode of a cartoon series or soap opera or a sitcom. The printable covers for that specific season or episode are also provided by that website.
  • Another advantage of this software is that it enables the user to design his/her own covers.
Some of the genuine advantages of using these covers are.
  • The user is able to make movie covers in whichever way he wants. The size and design of the cover can also be decided by the user.
  • The uniformity of the design of the covers adds to the attractiveness of the shelf were the DVDs are kept.
  • The uniformity of the cover adds to the convenience of the user.
  • The total process of making a DVD also becomes convenient and cheap, as compared to the total amount that is paid to purchase original DVD movies.
  • Another advantage is that the user can download a huge variety of media like movies, rock concerts, music videos, music downloads, and even cartoon series.
Printing DVD covers has become a well-accepted concept among consumers, producers and even distributors, as it is cheap, convenient, and the sellers do not have to suffer any loss as a result of copyright violation and piracy.