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PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

Bhakti Satalkar Oct 29, 2018
PowerPoint presentations are widely used all over the world. It provides a creative platform for delivering ideas and information in an animated way, which vividly captures the attention of the audience. Here are some tips, key points and things to be avoided while using a PowerPoint.
PowerPoint presentations have become the norm of the day for making visual business presentations. There are many reasons why PPT slides are used. The slides prepared by using PowerPoint have good visual effects and are easy to create and update.
However, the presenter must be arguably familiar with usage of PPT and understand all the advantages it offers. The most important point, while using different creative PPT ideas is to make use of slides as a visual aid and not visual distraction.

Good Presentation Ideas

One of the most important rules in making an interesting PPT presentation is making use of arrows, pointers, and call-outs. Too much of verbal content and huge paragraphs of information should be avoided. A lot of text can distract the audience and cause them to lose interest. The written content should be marked by bullet points.
A pictorial presentation makes the session more colorfully creative and less monotonous. PPT is a visual interface, which means that the usage of pictures, animations and graphs is the strongest advantage it offers.
Visual effects can be enhanced by the use of screenshots, especially if the explanation involves the working mechanism of something. With this, the perceptiveness of the audience is refined.
Bullet points are good for directing the audience's attention. With this, the audience has a good hold over understanding the point being explained. There are several types of bullets which you can make use of. If you have a set of information, then you may want to make use of brackets to depict that the information belongs to a particular point.
If you have numerical data to present, then you may want to make use of different charts, graphs, and tabular formats. You can either make use of column charts or opt for pie charts. You can opt for whichever chart suits your data better.
However, make sure that you add comments on the chart, so that the audience can easily interpret the data. If you have multi-columned data, make use of different colors for the different columns with corresponding comments added to it.
The session maybe made lively with a tinge of humor added to it. Avoid telling jokes while making the presentation, instead the informative data may be put across in a jovial way to make your point.

Mistakes to be Avoided

As far as possible, don't make use of sound effects and slide changeovers. Using these effects will make the presentation run much slower and will result in a sluggish and comical playback. If you are using graphics, do not go overboard with them. This will cause it to slow down. Avoid using too many photos.
Introducing too many photos may distract the audience, which is certainly not your goal. Make sure that the presentation is about the ideas and not the visual effects.
If you have to use animation, make sure you keep it to a bare minimum, possibly for the first few seconds. The audience may be interested for a short duration, after which they may find it annoying and distracting.
These ideas will relatively make the PPT presentations impressive and easier to use. Along with these ideas, do not forget to be confident while giving the presentation.