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Portable GPS Applications

Portable GPS Applications

Since the advent of GPS technology, the world has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of devices containing this technology. You probably already have such a unit installed in your vehicle, or probably know someone who does. In this article, we give you information on the uses of this remarkable technology...
Techspirited Staff
Technically speaking, GPS units that are generally installed in cars and other vehicles are mobile systems and not portable systems. There are many other newer and more interesting devices that contain portable GPS units, and such devices are fast gaining popularity.

Primary Uses

Most devices that contain such advanced system are generally used for business purposes or during emergencies. A mobile phone is one such instrument that is most likely to contain a GPS chip within it, that provides your location in case of emergencies.
  • PDA's equipped with this technology are used by sales people, delivery guys, repair people, and by people whose jobs require them to find their way around.
  • Similarly, surveyors make use of this technology to map fields, plan roads, locate survey boundaries, markers, and so on. Even laptops can be fitted with GPS chips, which can then use special software for traveling, mapping, and many similar purposes.
  • Fire services and police forces find this technology very useful, as it helps save the lives of people in trouble.
  • If you think that tracking your own location and position is the only way a GPS system can be used, then I would beg to differ. These systems can be used for tracking another person, or even another thing!
  • Glider pilots have been using GPS devices as evidence that they have indeed reached race markers. Smaller portable units can be used to track down lost pets and other things that may have been lost.
Other Applications

Apart from emergencies and tracking, there are many ways in which this device can be used by corporations, individuals, and even the government! Here are a few:
  • Military Purposes―The technology is used to track and control forces, guide missiles, and a lot more. Using GPS, military personnel can give information regarding their exact location, and hence, can easily find directions to different locations.
  • The Marines―Similar to the ones used in vehicles, most ships and boats use these systems for navigation. It is especially useful during foggy nights, darkness, or other conditions when visibility is low.
  • Outdoor Activities―Wilderness explorers, outdoor sportsmen, and hunters use these devices for navigational purposes to help them find their way when they are lost.
  • Geocaching―A sport or game invented in the year 2000, geocaching uses this technology to find and locate small treasures or caches.
Apart from the serious applications and fun uses, just having a new gadget equipped with a GPS unit can be quite interesting. With its popularity building at a steady pace, it sure looks like this technology is here to stay!