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Plasma TV Calibration

Rahul Thadani Oct 27, 2018
People who do not carry out calibration of their plasma TV have to make do with watching inferior picture quality, and this is something that can be easily avoided. By spending a little time to carry out this task, you can see the best possible visual picture quality on your television set.
As soon as you purchase and install a plasma TV in your home, you need to carry out calibration in order to enhance your visual viewing experience. By doing so, you will ensure that you get the best out of your plasma TV and that you make full use of all the capabilities of the television set that you may end up missing out on.
The way you carry it out depends entirely on you, and how much money you are willing to spend. You can attempt to do it yourself but most beginners do not have an eye for such things, so the chances of you doing it successfully may be low.
If you do not know how to calibrate your plasma TV, you must take the help of someone who does, or call a person from the store where you bought it from to do it for you.
The primary advantage of calibration is that the overall picture quality will visibly improve, and you will enjoy your movies and shows much more. You will be able to see more details in your picture due to a better contrast ratio, and the color accuracy of the images you see, will also rise immensely.
All these factors also result in a longer life for your TV, as the aging rate will be lowered considerably. You will also manage to reduce the power consumption of your television set, and will end up saving a few dollars in your monthly electricity bill.

Factors Determining Calibration

Simply put, the process of adjusting the picture settings on your TV for the purpose of enjoying a better viewing experience is known as calibration of plasma TV.
The kind of settings that you change on the TV will depend on a number of other external factors like source material of the content that you are watching, the input device, and the quality of the ambient light in the room where you are watching the TV.
Some stores sell a calibration DVD along with the television set that guides you through the process. These DVD's prove to be a major help for a new user and go a long way in improving the picture quality.
One must also remember that a plasma TV needs to be run for about 200 hours (that's about 3 months, if the TV is on for 2 hours a day) before the phosphors in the TV can stabilize. Do not keep recalibrating before this time period has passed.

Calibration Settings

There are several settings that come into play when you start performing calibration. The first thing that you need to look at is the brightness. The black level on your screen is determined by this setting, and if it is too high or too low, your picture quality will invariably suffer.
If it is set too high, the black colors will appear grayish, and if it is too low, it will be invisible. The contrast level is the next thing that you need to adjust. The white level of your TV and the amount of light emitted by your TV is dependent on the contrast level.
The sharpness and the color are the other settings that you need to change. The sharpness level enhances the edges on many objects that you see on screen and it needs to be finely balanced to get the best visual experience possible.
The color is another crucial setting that you need to adjust, and if you do not do so, you will see a lot of green foliage and inaccurate skin tones on your screen.

Need for Calibration

The need is highlighted by the many factors mentioned above. The lighting in different homes will produce different effects, and this in turn will require different settings for a plasma TV.
When you see the TV in a store, the settings have been altered to show you the strengths of the TV and to conceal its weaknesses. The lighting in the store will be very different from the lighting at your home, so you must carry out calibration compulsorily.
There are many ways for you to carry out this task, and you must choose the most suitable and economically feasible option out of these. Spend some time on this task, and you will notice the benefits immediately.