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Office Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

Kevin Gardner Nov 05, 2019
Trendy office spaces are popping up all over, from big cities to small towns and from co-working spaces to corporate headquarters. Some include seemingly over-the-top perks such as free beer and climbing walls, whereas others offer only basic amenities.
As trends come and go, there are bound to be changes in office environments. So what's happening in 2020 that will make you feel both more productive and more refreshed at the office?

Productivity-Focused Spaces

Many are returning to a focus on productivity. You'll still find amenities, but you'll also find plenty of quiet spaces where you can focus on work. In fact, some remote workers and teams looking for San Francisco office space will find light, airy spaces with all the technology they need but none of the distractions.
You can also expect to find plenty of options for team collaboration, water cooler-type catching up and high-tech meeting rooms for presentations and meetings. Offices in 2020 will almost universally provide plug-and-play access to a variety of conferencing and presentation equipment. Some will also have quiet places for you to record audio and video.

Built-in Flexibility for All Workers

The modern office is the perfect place to put advanced technology into everyday use. Companies will implement wireless technology to allow their customer service reps to deliver high-quality phone support while sitting on a comfy sofa or stretching out at standing desks. Many employees also anticipate more use of artificial intelligence in the workplace.
Many companies are also making a move toward equalizing the office environment by providing the improvements mentioned before to every worker. Increasing a feeling of healthfulness at every level increases overall productivity as well as employee satisfaction. Companies with satisfied employees usually have less turnover, which is better for everyone.
The most striking trend in office technology in 2020 is the new balance between high-tech and low-tech. The wellbeing of the whole person, environments where people can switch up their surroundings without leaving the office, regaining focus and tuning out potential distractions are at the top of the list this year.