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Most Important SEO Trends That You Should Know

vijay bohra Oct 22, 2019
In this fast-changing marketplace of the 21st century’s world, you need to stay updated about the new trends in digital marketing and search engine optimization. SEO optimization is a very important aspect to improve the online ranking of your website and getting more and more traffic for your webpage.
With time, search engine optimization has been changed and modified a lot, in every way. So here in this story, we are going to uphold some of the most important trends of modifying your webpage to present it in the most convenient way to your audience and rank higher.
Firstly, you need to understand your searchers' intention. Though there are many other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, UC browser and many other, the world’s leading Search engine is only Google which alone occupies almost 75% of the overall search market.
The strategy of Google is to pick up web pages always with top rankings, for its visitor’s particular search query. This helps the pages in achieving a higher SEO rank. The entire business model of Google is designed to rely on the best serving relevant results in the top spot.
So, for both grabbing the first place in the search engines and improving your business, you need to understand the buyer’s or searcher’s intent properly. You also need to understand what your audiences are looking for while searching for any phrase or Keywords related to the service or product you provide.
Nowadays, the trend of voice search ability is very dominating. Therefore, experts of different SEO firms, especially the SEO Companies in Singapore always keep a special eye on it. According to the SEO search statistics of the past few years, 58% used voice search to find local business information.
Almost 27% of the consumers visit the local business website through voice tunesearch, and a minimum of 53% of the users do daily voice searches. It has now become one of the most used search methods.
Many users have started relying on smartphones to browse the internet, for which it becomes necessary to meet this growing number of consumers and their ever-expanding consumer’s needs. Also, from the year of 2015, Google has been penalized the websites which are not mobile-friendly.
So, mobile-optimized sites are now an absolute must. The mobile responsive design is highly recommended because it also gives the best user experience.These days, all the blogs and webpages are given rank by Google based on the ability of Mobile-First Index.
Along with that, Google will provide a score based on the crucial factors like formatting, how faster your page gets loaded on mobile and the width of the mobile content.Speed is another important factor. The faster your page gets loaded, the higher you rank in google.
You have to be sure that your page does not take more than 4 seconds to get loaded as surveys have found that 75% of visitors hardly revisit the page which takes more than 4 seconds to open. People will immediately hit the back button for a slow-loading page which gives a bad user experience even if you rank.
To improve page speed, start by checking your web page in Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, it will help you to analyze your page and give some optimization suggestions. It is also highly recommended to make sure that your page URL gives an insight of all about your page. Searchers always prefer clicking on the link which best matches their query.
In this story, we have gathered some trendy thoughts best for search engine optimization. Keep your page updated. Hope, these suggestions will help you to earn a higher SEO rank on Google.