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How to Convert Mini DV to DVD

Rahul Thadani Oct 29, 2018
You will need to make use of a mini DV to DVD converter if you wish to view your mini DV camcorder files on a DVD. These are easily available, and are also very simple to use.
The Internet is the best place to find an effective and useful converter which will let you transfer your mini DV camcorder tapes into the DVD format. By doing so, you will be able to burn all your camcorder videos on a DVD and then view it on your PC or a DVD player attached to your television set.
Simply playing the files recorded from your camcorder on another device is not possible without making use of a good converter. There are many such video converters available that can be downloaded for use from the web, all you have to do is to find a suitable one. Once you have done so, install it on your computer and follow the instructions that turn up.
There are a wide variety of video converters that you can find on the web, and this has made the task of converting video files very simple indeed. With the help of these converters you can view video files on any device, irrespective of which format they are in.

Converting Mini DV to DVD

The actual task of conversion is very simple and elementary, and anyone who is familiar with the workings of the Internet and a PC can make use of this tool. Once the software has been located and installed, you need to locate it on your machine and then run it.
You will then need to transfer the video file that you wish to convert to the tool, and then click on the 'Convert' option. You will then be required to choose which format you wish the file to be converted to, and here you must choose the DVD option. This will convert the file to the MPEG-2 format and you will then be able to view this on other devices.
A mini DV to DVD converter is extremely useful, so that the files you have recorded on your camcorder can be viewed on other devices. These files exist in the mini DV format by default. For most people, these files are cherished family memories or other videos and for this reason they wish to store it on another device.
There is no better platform available for storing your cherished memories and other videos on any device other than a DVD. A DVD can be played on every PC today, and can even be accessed from a TV set, with the help of a DVD player. This makes viewing these videos possible at any point in the future.
You will need to connect your camcorder to the PC and then transfer the files from the camcorder itself to the conversion tool, and then select the format you wish to convert it into. Make sure you download and install a reliable and good video converter, because there are many such tools out there that could potentially harm your machine through malware.
Here are some recommended converters for you.
  • ImTOO Easy DV to DVD Converter
  • 1Click DV to DVD Converter
  • DVDSanta Converter
  • DVD Burning Xpress Converter
  • Daniusoft DVD Ripper for Mac
  • Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (Mini DV to DVD Converter)
Some converters available online may charge you money for it and this will be a minimal amount to pay. Try to find some free software instead, but it is not a bad idea to pay a bit of money as well. By asking you for a small amount, these converters are guaranteed to work faultlessly.
Using a mini DV to DVD converter has now made life simpler, as we can take our mini DV tapes from the camcorder and then transfer the videos to a DVD. By doing so, we are increasing the shelf life of these video files, and makes them easier to access on other platforms.