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Make Your Own Anime Character

Pragya T Nov 23, 2018
Now create your own Anime character with tips and tricks mentioned here.
To make an anime character all you need is some imagination, and a general idea of how to go about doing it. There are many ways to create your own anime character, it all depends on what your skills are. If you have no drawing skills, then there are many anime toon generators that will help you make a character that looks like you.
This is the fastest way to create an anime character of yourself, as the software does everything, and all you need to do is click on the various options enlisted in the tool. This software works like zwinky and helps to make the character online.
If you wish to create an anime of yourself, you will have to use paper and pencil and do some doodles till you get the character right. This requires some observation and drawing skills, and you will have to research on the Internet and sketch on the paper till you get the desired character.

Using Tools

Just google anime character generator and you will come across many sites, which have games or anime character generator tools. Either you can go to the sites and use the tool online to make your own character, or you can consider downloading a character generator software.
You can find many torrents on sites like rapidshare, which have a software tool that allows you to create an anime character. You can also find many games online which help you create the character online.
These anime generator tools are like the sims character creator. So, the user can select the gender of the character, complexion, hair color, hair length, hair style, skin complexion, eye complexion, eye size, lips, nose, facial expressions, clothes, weapons, other additional body features like fangs or wings, and other additional props/gear.

By Photo Editing

Another easy way to create an anime character is by doing some photo tweaking. For example, you can take any of the popular character, say if you look like Light Yagami or like Kagome then just take their picture online.
Upload it on a photo-editing software and then change their eye color, hair color, complexion, etc., a bit to match yours and you will have an anime character which resembles you.

Drawing a Character

To create a perfect replica of your own self in an anime character, you will have to draw the character. Understand the basics of anime drawings and you can create a simple anime portrait of yours.
First draw an anime face shape, they are generally wide near the eyes and then angle at the chin. Then draw an outline for the hair. See the way your hair looks and then draw a similar outline on the face outline. You can make your hairstyle a little bit more spiky to add the anime effect.
Draw big anime eyes with thin eyebrows. Then draw a simple line for the mouth. To draw the nose, just draw two angle lines and shade inside the angle. This way you can draw your own anime face.