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Majority Instagram Users are Outside the US

sonal M Aug 5, 2019
Instagram is a social networking platform which enables its users to share photos. Users can take pictures, edit them and post on the platform. There are various types of digital filters for editing an image. A current trade for the past two years, many businesses use Instagram as a marketing platform.
Based on the demographics the platform hosts, 90% people are less than 35 years of age. Around 68% are female as of 2018. They utilize it to promote events or activities, share food recipes, blogs and much more. Instagram has around 25 million registered businesses, and above 4.2 billion users hit 'Like' button daily.
As per Instagram, the heart emoji was used more than 14 billion times last year. Here Cristiano Ronaldo has most significant number of followers, over 177 million. Secondly, Selena Gomez has around 154 million followers across the globe. Internet users Google the term “Instagram” almost 16,600,000 times per month.

How Instagram is Flourishing World Wide

As of 2019, Instagram had over 1 billion active users per month, with 500 million active users daily. Instagram stories had 500 million daily users. Instagram differs from other platforms like Snapchat/ Facebook/ YouTube in a unique way.
People generally use Facebook or Snapchat to get in touch with their friends, relatives, or people they know. Apart from these, Instagram already allows its users to hang out in the app to take a look at the world. The videos available in the Stories are real as they cannot be filtered.

Instagram and the New Generation

The present age millennials are mostly eager to look into the tech world. No one can be more tech-savvy than the new generation. They are a community that now forms the largest residing generation in U.S. So if you are a company with marketing aspects, aiming to target millennials, overlooking Instagram could be an expensive one.
Instagram first triggered the idea of visual marketing, and the move changed the way how people communicated. Marketers ignoring Instagram would be like neglecting mailing service in the past. Instagram acts as a trump card in marketing. The average age of an Instagram user is approximately 18-29 years.
With daily 100 million+ photos and videos uploaded, it is essential that the shared opinions impose a louder impact on purchasing decisions. From a marketing perspective, it is essential to comprehend what affects and convinces the millennials.
For example, Valfre is an independent cloth designer of the fashion world. She has used Instagram for her excellent marketing talent. Therefore, in the world of social media marketing, a business can start by posting excellent and attractive photos with a special touch of content and a human element, which could drive a high success rate.

Instagram Users Base

Approximately 80% of Instagram users are outside the U.S. It solely encompasses 120 million monthly users till January 2019. After United States, India is the second top country to have 75 million monthly users as of January 2019. Consequently, other countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Japan have millions of Instagrammers.
In December 2018, the platform registered highest use of hashtags, like #fortnite, fandom community of BTS #btsarmy, dance movement of #inmyfeelingschallenge.

Instagrammers used advocacy hashtags of #metoo over 1.5 million times, and #timesup used 597K. #marchforourlives was used over 562K.

Various Brands and Instagrammers

Instagram is not just a networking platform for selfies and brunch pics. Visual content plays a crucial role in any business’ marketing scheme. Marketing and branding on Instagram provide a great chance to represent your product visually. Keep visitors in mind who crawl through your feeds daily.
Although, each company or business in any sector has various types of target audience, many are going really well on networking platforms. Some of the industries running smoothly on Instagram are lifestyle, fashion, skincare, entertainment, footwear, as well as office supply.

Brands Blooming on Instagram

  • Lorna Jane: With 822K followers, an Australian activewear company has maintained the best Instagram profile.
  • Desenio: About 910k people follow the Swedish online art print company. Using an exclusive range of colors, the company represents itself beautifully on the platform, which gives feeling of calm, healing, lavish and reliance.
The list of brands, active on Instagram also includes Paris Opera Ballet, Finfolk Productions, Sephora Collections, Staples and many more.