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Is Google Being Human?

Is Google Being Human?

They never wished to play God, they simply said, 'Don't be evil.' And rest of the things just happened...
Dr. Maisie M
Imagine a world without Google! Hard to imagine... isn't it? That simply tells how dependent we are on the Internet that's almost synonymous with Google. The search giant has become a resourceful mining ground that can extract 'valuable results' for every user. Although Google does not guarantee the best user experience at all times, it nevertheless satisfies the optimum requirement of most netizens.

So, it's possible to say that Google in a way has been able to channelize the potential resources on the Internet to make them readily available for the end user. Also, without the concept of a common platform where a user could generate queries about a certain topic, the available information would be of no use. So, here we have Google to our rescue. We ask questions and Google has answers. Without Google, we would be like dry, deserted pebbles strewn near a giant waterfall, helplessly waiting to get soaked in the water (... get the drift?).

Not only that, Google moves a step ahead and suggests, it even does the thinking for us. It suggests, it reads our minds... to save us from all the wrong keyword queries that may NOT lead us to correct results. It saves our time, it teaches us to search better, write even better. Oh there comes the glitch! So, we stop thinking, the only thing we think is keywords... if you miss the right keywords you MAY never get what you want.

And then a day comes when...

Panda strikes...

It asks 'What's this keyword for?', 'Where's the quality?'
It says "We now know what the user really wants."
"It's high time we deliver the right stuff!"
"So you need to start thinking, folks.
"Cos if you have just learned to read us carefully to the minutest detail, you are gaming us!
Yes, that's what you're doing - gaming Google."

But for us Googlers, it's time to rejoice...

... because Google is not playing God anymore. Google bots are trying to be human, and so we need not be technologically-addicted netizens anymore. It'd be interesting to note the extent to which Google manages to bridge the gap between us & its bots.

After all... it's extremely difficult being human!

It's a distant dream before Google can actually feel the pulse of our searches and render mind-blowing results. Easier said than done! Rest assured, we've a lot of good things happening around... Now, we need NOT be anything close to net-savvy, technologically evolved, Google-friendly, SEO-compatible, or compulsively obsessed about the latest updates from Matt Cutts.

We can simply be spontaneous, we need to be our own selves... rest of the things would simply happen as they always do.

Here's wishing Google good luck in its endeavor to be prompt, quick, just and human, all at the same time. Till then, cheers to the 'search chaos' the world (wide web) over!!