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iPod Touch Problems and Solutions

The iPod touch is a magnificent gadget, but it is not immune to certain problems from time to time. Here are some commonly reported ones and their solutions for your benefit.
Rahul Thadani Feb 1, 2019
This should prove useful to you if you own an Apple iPod touch and are facing some trouble. There are many causes for these issues, and sadly, this is the nature of all consumer electronic products. To pinpoint the exact cause of certain problems is quite tough, and that requires testing and checking the product in person.
It does not matter if you are using the new iPod touch or the older version. There are some common problems that plague many people from around the world. Corrupted files, corrupted apps, permission issues, preference issues, or faulty hardware could be some of the potential causes of this problem.

Apps Don't Work

Out of all the commonly seen problems, this is perhaps the most widespread. These occur when a user downloads certain third-party apps from the App Store, and these apps get installed on the device, but refuse to start up. When the user tries to open these apps, the device simply goes back to the homescreen.
To solve this, you should try installing any additional free iPod application from the Store. This is only a temporary fix, but it has worked for many people. Alternately, you can re-install the particular app, or you can switch off the device and switch it back on, or you can plug the device into iTunes and restore its settings completely.

White Screen

This occurs when the screen goes blank and appears completely white. Nothing happens when you touch the buttons either. This is also known as the white screen of death.
To solve this, you should press the Home button and the Power button together for about 30 to 40 seconds. You will be carrying out what is known as a hard reboot. You can also try to restore the factory settings by plugging the device into Apple iTunes.

Low Battery Life

If the battery on your iPod touch is not strong enough and is leaving you with the need of a recharge very often, then maybe the battery is defective. Alternately, maybe you have not followed the right techniques and protocol for charging the device.
To solve battery problems, you need to refer to the user's manual that you got along with the iPod, and follow all the instructions mentioned there about charging the device. If the battery is defective, or ruined, you will need to visit an Apple repair store and get the battery replaced.
Apart from these, some people also report about Wi-Fi and sync problems. Difficulties with syncing can be solved by restoring settings, or even by restarting the device. Wi-Fi issues will require slightly more technical know how from you, as some settings may have to be tweaked to make it work again.
Here are the basic troubles that you may face. There are many more complex glitches that you may have to put up with along the way, and this will require the expertise of a knowledgeable professional.