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Internet Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting? Here's What to Do

Rahul Thadani Oct 25, 2018
Your Internet connection going on and off can be quite a pain. What is even more painful is the long, seemingly endless wait on the phone, when you call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for assistance. More often than not, the problem can easily be fixed at your end itself.
Many a time, it may seem that your Internet connection has a mind of its own, maybe even possessed! But you could try your hand at exorcising these demons, without breaking much of a sweat.
If the problem is in fact at your end, it could be hardware or software related, ranging from something as simple as a loose connection to a firmware update for your modem/ router.

How to Fix Disconnecting and Reconnecting of Internet


Your computer could be infected by a virus. Buy a new antivirus software and install it on your computer. Regularly scan your machine for threats, and run all the security updates. Computer viruses can cause a lot of havoc, and though they rarely affect an Internet connection, it is a very real possibility.
A malicious application may have affected your machine, which may require heavy use of bandwidth, causing your Internet to disconnect, or try to constantly connect to a server somewhere.


Run a disk cleaner on your machine, locate this application, and get rid of it.

Wireless Reception

If you have a wireless Internet connection, then the problem may be a little easier to pinpoint. A wireless reception can keep fluctuating from time to time, and this can affect your connection. The signal strength will give you a good indication about what kind of connection to expect, and if it is very weak, you have located the problem.


Get a stronger router, or contact your ISP to solve the problem for you.


Sometimes you can have issues due to a faulty modem. The software drivers need to be properly installed for your modem, and if you find this to be the cause, you can reinstall them.


Find the device manager on your computer, and if the modem's name has a yellow icon beside it, you need to reinstall the modem drivers.


If you have cable Internet, then maybe you just need to check if all the wires are properly attached. Sometimes, a simple thing like this can lead to a major headache, and once the problem is located, it can leave one holding their head in disbelief.


Ensure that all the wires are connected properly, and in their respective sockets.

Other Issues

• If these things do not work for you, try using a 3rd party wireless utility.

• Also you could try the following -
Control Panel > Device Manager > Properties (Wireless Card) > Advanced > Properties > WZC Managed Ethernet > Enable
Any of these causes could be the reason why your Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. To get to the bottom of the problem you do not have to be a techno savvy whizkid, but by being a little proactive you can make a difference. Try not to get frustrated by the situation though, and find a suitable solution.