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How Transcription Service Differs From Audio Typing Services

gomes nick Aug 23, 2019
Audio Typing is mostly created when one speaker dictates a file along with grammar, new paragraphs, capital letters, punctuation using Dictaphone. Sometimes they may even spell out difficult words/names and all these are recorded in a microcassette for typing accurately by a typist.
With the advent of new technologies, language industry has been benefiting people in several ways by providing captions, subtitling, translation, transcription and audio typing services. Though, people still confuse audio typing with transcription services. Obviously, both of this service compile a typed document of a recorded medium.
An audio typist is the one who specializes in typing text from an audio source in which they listen to. Generally, an audio typist works in various office settings like legal, medical or financial sector etc. They usually transcribe only one person dictating office correspondence.
A transcriptionist is the one who produce an accurate written record of audio recordings. Mostly transcriptionists will specialize in a particular field like legal, medical and academic. So, they are asked to transcribe the recording of police investigations, medical conference etc.
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