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How to Unlock Your True Creative Potential in 2020?

Uroosa Rafi Dec 04, 2019
"There is no uncertainty that creativity is the most crucial human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns,” says renowned creativity expert, Edward de Bono.
Creativity is a concept about which people have intrinsic understanding but when it comes to defining, you'll get answers from multiple perspectives. Some say that creativity is only in art; others are convinced that science is creativity. But it's independent of any subject, field, job, or person. We are all creative in some way; we only fail to see it.
Creativity enables individuals to transcend typical traditional ways of thinking, cultivate new & original ideas, phenomenon, or objects. Hadn’t this been realistic, Steve Jobs wouldn't have cofounded Apple Inc and Founded NeXT.
Expert writers like Shakespeare & Virginia Woolf might have never created new writing styles. Moreover, if people hadn't been innovative, then technologies and luxuries wouldn’t have been a part of our life.
It would be impossible to imagine different forms of businesses today. Long story short, creativity is the reason behind every development. To become or achieve something big, a person would have to think out of the box, crossing all boundaries and be free to think, then creativity would kick in, and a person will achieve something great.

What is Creative Potential?

To speak in simple words, creative potential is an ability. Don’t be afraid to fail, or else you will never learn! Achieving or producing something through a person’s human capital, that is, via one’s skills, knowledge, and capability.
Our creative potential unlocks when we use our human resources productively & with motivation. Consider designing a logo; you start with the tools, apply your knowledge, utilize your skills, and come up with a new creative design.

Creativity and Negativity

Inventiveness is like a muscle; the better you train, the better it gets! But to achieve something big, it is essential to let go of the negative thoughts. Never assume that there is anything you cannot do.
There is no such thing that only some people can do. All of us can write, design, sing, handle a business; the only element needed is self trust and motivation to get it done.
Do not let myths like: creative people are exceptional; they've unstable brains; or they are left-handed, delude you! Have firm faith in yourself & your potentials, and there won’t be anything you cannot achieve.

Techniques to Unlock Your Creative Potential

Every person is creative in a unique way, and our uniqueness differentiates us from others. Read further for some methods on how to unlock your true creative potential.

1. Learn Through Collaboration

1st step of unlocking true potential is to be ready to learn with others. It won't just polish your skills, it will also help you to gain experiences, learn from mistakes, and grow. Sometimes all you need is change in motion to unlock your hidden talents. Collaborating with others will bring out a new side of you which you never knew you had.

2. Start with Something You Love

If you are stuck at the point where you are not sure how to start, it is best to start with something you love. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to add the element of difference in it. That key towards learning the most is when you do something with enjoyment that other things start to appear insignificant.
Doing something you love will not just expand your potential creativity; also, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and peace, which is what everyone is running after.

3. Find Inspiration from Other Industries

At times we want to keep our hobbies & professional life separate. Look for inspiration from different industries & niches. Research on different businesses, & competitive markets. Gain inspiration by looking at things from various angles. Use views of experienced professionals to boost creativity and unlock your potentials.

4. Use the Six Thinking Hats Technique

If you are stuck at some point & cannot see through, it is time you need to use SIX THINKING HATS technique. Forget all previous things & start with a blank page. For example, White hat, to look for what went wrong, green hat, to look at possible alternatives, black hat, to calculate all the loss, yellow hat, to look at the brighter side; and so on.
This technique will divert your attention for only looking at the negative side, which will help you to look at the problem with different angles, and finally, it will enable you to figure something out.

5. Ask for Advice or Feedback

One of the humblest ways to learn something is by asking others to help you, seek out advice or feedback from your trusted person. The mindset that I am fully capable of figuring out each and everything is dangerous and restricts us from learning new things.
If you are really looking to unlock your true potential, then remember that there is no shame in seeking help from others. At times others experience help us not just in learning something new; they also polish our previous skills.

6. Pick a Terrible Idea

Choose an idea which seems the dumbest. Now with your creativity, add some exciting features to it. For instance, stuck at some point while designing, choose the most terrible idea. Improve it with your skills & creativity. Challenge yourself to give life to the worst idea & who knows you finally end up designing something terrific out of a terrible idea.

7. Looking at a Different Direction will Definitely Help

Unlocking your true creative potential is no hard task, yes you may fail while others succeed at their first attempt, but this doesn't mean that you are not good at it. Remember, an expert always learns with his mistake. Never be afraid of starting something new, and always have faith in yourself at the end of the day, for you are making yourself better!
“Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it.”
– Salvador Dali