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How to Set Up a Powerline Network Adapter in 5 Simple Steps

How to Set Up a Powerline Network Adapter
A powerline network uses the electrical wiring of a house or building for establishing a network. Wondering how is it possible? Read on to know how to set up a powerline network adapter.
Anand Karwa
Last Updated: Nov 03, 2018
Did You Know?
Powerline network adapters can be very easily deployed for extending the Wi-Fi network to a remote corner of your house or building.
Powerline networking is one of best methods to convert any home into a smart home. There are no deadspots in a powerline network unless your room doesn't have a power socket. Powerline networks transmit data through the existing electrical wiring of a structure. Now, before you set up a powerline network adapter, here is how it works.
Powerline networking is based on the fundamental concept on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). The powerline adapter superimposes its high frequency signal composed of user's data on to lower frequency sine wave signals (50- 60 Hz). Did it ring any bell? The alternating current that we use in our homes has a frequency of 50-60 Hz.
A powerline network adapter is also known as HomePlug. These HomePlugs have rated speeds of 85 Mbps, 200-500 Mbps and 500-1 Gbps for HomePlug v1.0, HomePlug AV, and HomePlug AV2, respectively. Setting up a powerline network adapter is a fairly easy task and is explained in a few simple steps as follows.
Just ensure the following things before you begin.
● You need at least 2 adapters to make a powerline network.

● When shopping for a powerline wireless network adapter, make sure that its data rate matches the data rate of its wired counterpart, neither less nor more. More data rate wouldn't hurt your connection, but why spend extra when the lower speed of some components are going to become the bottleneck.
● Always plug the powerline adapter directly into the mains wall socket. Usage of extension cords, surge protector, power strips, UPS, may cause interference with its signal, and hence, might deteriorate network performance.
Steps to set up a powerline network adapter
1. Connect your router to a powerline adaptor plugged into the wall socket using an Ethernet cable. Switch ON these components.

2. Now, connect the other powerline network adapter to a power socket in the same room, or some other area where you can reach in less than 2 minutes.
3. Connect the gaming console/laptop to the other powerline adapter using Ethernet cable, and you're done.
4. You will see Powerline Network Connection LED glowing within a few seconds indicating the establishment of connection between the powerline adapters. You can use your network as is, but we recommend that you secure your network using the pair button.
5. To pair the adapters, press the pair button on any one of the adapters for a few seconds. Upon releasing the pair button on the first adapter, press the pair button (for a few seconds) on the other adapter within 2 minutes. The powerline adapters are now paired for exchanging encrypted data.
For adding more powerline adapters to this network just follow the given procedure from step 2 onwards. The steps to follow will remain the same even if you are adding a powerline adapter with wireless LAN capabilities. The only difference would be the need to secure and name your extended Wi-Fi connection.
These were some helpful techniques intended to easify your set-up process. You can now easily set up your powerline network adapter without any external help.