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How to Send Pictures from Phone to the Computer

Omkar Phatak Feb 6, 2019
Caught in a conundrum, with no clues about how to transfer photos from your phone to your laptop, are you? Continue and learn some of the easiest techniques.
With the development of cell phones with inbuilt cameras, there has been a rise in the number of digital photos generated by users worldwide. The best thing about these cameras is that they let you capture snapshots of your life, anytime and anywhere on the go.
The high rate at which we click photos using cell phone cameras, makes it necessary that they be transferred to a computer eventually, as memory card storage space may get rapidly used up.

Ways to Transfer Photographs

With the plethora of electronic gadgets we use, including mobile phones, it could have been very difficult to transfer data. Thankfully, data sharing and file transfer has become increasingly simpler these days with the rise of wireless Internet access and USB technology. Here are some ways in which you can send pictures from your phone to your PC.

Use A USB Data Transfer Cable

Probably, the simplest way of transferring the pictures is to use a USB data transfer cable, that comes with the cell phone, as an accessory. To transfer, firstly switch on your computer.
The cable will have two terminals. One end must be inserted in the cell phone itself, while the other end should be inserted in a USB port on your computer. It will immediately recognize your cell phone memory card as an external storage device.
Just open up the device using the computer operating system's file explorer, locate the image folder, which will have the pictures, and cut-paste them onto your computer hard drive. With that, your job is done.

Use Bluetooth Transfer

Another method for sending pictures is using Bluetooth technology. All cell phones, as well as laptop computers have an inbuilt Bluetooth adapter, which enables file transfer over a radio frequency connection, created between the cell phone and the computer.
Add your cell phone to your laptop computer's Bluetooth devices and then transfer your images directly to your computer hard drive by accessing the memory card's folder, via the established Bluetooth connection.

Mail it Using Wireless Internet Facility

Another technique is to use the Wi-Fi connection of your cell phone. With 3G and 4G Internet bandwidths, the upload and download of data, via a cell phone's Wi-Fi connection is extremely fast.
Connect to the Internet using your phone connection and sign in to your email account. Upload the photos as an attachment to the mail and simply mail them to yourself or save the mail as a draft. You can then download those pictures to your computer, directly via the Internet.

Use a Memory Card Reader

The last option is that of using a memory card reader. It attaches to your computer ports and directly reads your cell phone memory card.
All you have to do is connect the flash memory card reader with your computer and insert the cell phone memory card in the reader. You can then access the card using your computer and get the pictures directly transferred.
Not only will transferring photos free up your memory card space, but it will also make it easy for you to share them on a social networking website. The simplest, fastest, and the least costly way of sending pictures is to use a USB cable to transfer them.
The transfer is rapid and takes only a few minutes. If you do not have access to a USB cable, among the other ways, the simplest would be emailing the photos using the cell phone's wireless Internet connection. Do it in any which way, that you find to be the easiest.