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How to Recover Deleted Emails

Nicks J Feb 6, 2019
There are different means by which one can recover deleted emails. Recovery email programs provide an easy way to restore deleted mail.
There are a wealth of options available when it comes to recovering deleted emails. Before you download any file recovery software, search the trash folder in your email account. Nowadays, most email service providers like Google or Yahoo have a trash folder in which deleted email files are stored.
A recycle bin folder on our computer are designed for the same purpose. In case you fail to find your file in the trash folder, a better option would be to search the hard drive of your computer system.

Restoring Emails on Microsoft Outlook?

The Microsoft Outlook has the deleted items folders where mails removed from the inbox are stored. In case you are unable to locate it in the deleted folder, click on tools menu and then select " Recover Deleted Items" option. If your file is present here, select it. You can use the control key to choose multiple items to retrieve.
Now, clicking on the option "Recover Selected Items" will bring the deleted emails again into the deleted items folder. Once in the folder, you can easily access the email to know its content. 
However, if the "Recover Selected Items" option does not help to recover your deleted email files, then the only way to solve the issue is to install an email recovery software. The deleted email is present in the email archive file which can be restored using this software.

Email Recovery Program

After searching the Internet, you will find plenty of email recovery programs to retrieve lost files. You can instantly recover your deleted emails using these software programs. There are sites that allow you to download these programs for free. Make sure that the recovery software you download is compatible with your operating system.
Most of the file recovery software available support a variety of email file formats such as dbx, dci, pst, and eml. The Outlook Express uses the .dbx and .mbx files to store emails.
However, some recovery software programs are developed for a particular email service. For instance, those using Microsoft Outlook should install the data recovery wizard. Today, the software program that is extensively used to recover lost files is ParetoLogic Data recovery.
The DiskDoctors email recovery software is also very popular as it supports different types of files. So whether it is an image file, document file or an animation file, with this software, you can recover it within no time.
DiskDoctors is the most powerful program to restore deleted email files. You don't have to be a computer expert to use this program. The software has a user-friendly interface that makes retrieving deleted email files quite simple.
On the whole, if you have a recovery software program in your computer, then restoring deleted emails is no big deal. So, the next time you delete an important mail from your inbox, immediately exit from the application and run any of the aforementioned email recovery tool to get back the deleted mail.