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How to Program a DirecTV Remote

Omkar Phatak Nov 6, 2018
If you are looking for directions to program a DirecTV remote, then you will find the needful, here.
One of the best satellite services offered in USA is DirecTV. It offers a variety of channels with high picture quality. The signal for the service is transmitted by a satellite, directly to your dish antenna. Before you see the picture, it is demodulated to the right frequency, for you to be able to watch it.
To be able to access your channels, you need to program your remote control, with respect to your television. Especially, if you have bought a new television, it is absolutely necessary that you program the remote, to access all the channels.
Gone are the days where using a remote meant, knowing the channel change buttons and the volume change, mute, and power buttons. With the arrival of multiple connected accessories to a TV, like a DVD player and satellite TV, a remote is designed to access all these devices. So, the functioning is a lot more complex.
You need to program all the devices that are connected with the TV for ease of access. DirecTV provides you with all of these facilities. To be able to access all the channels, provided by your subscription, it is essential that you know how to program the remote. For a new TV,  you need to do all the programming all over again.

Programming the Remote

Before you can begin programming, you need to do a bit of research. You will need to find the right programming codes for your television model, before you can go ahead. One way of obtaining the code is to visit the DirecTV website and browse for the appropriate code, for your TV brand. Once you have the code, the rest of the part is pretty much easy.
Ensure that the remote is working and if it is not, insert new batteries. Switch on your new television. Since you are programming the remote control for the TV, let the mode switch to TV.
Begin by pressing and holding down the select button, as well as the mute button on the remote control. Hold them until you observe the power indicator light flashing or blinking twice. Now your remote is ready to receive the code, that will program it for your television set. Enter the code, using the number pad, that is provided on the remote.
Once you have entered the code, observer the power light. You will see that it blinks twice again. Now, you have to see if the code has actually done the job. To check that, you need to keep pressing the channel up button repeatedly until your television responds to it and switches off.
If it does switch off, then you have chosen the right code. To save the code, press the select button, which will do the job. If the television doesn't switch off, you need to try another code and keep trying again. The key is to get the right code.
You will find instructions on programming remote controls, for receivers of HD type in the manual, which you might want to implement. It has all the codes, as well as the details for programming the remote, to access all the devices attached to the television. All it takes is patience and a bit of practice.