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How to Make a Website for Kids

How to Make a Website for Kids

Wondering how to make a website for kids? You can make an exciting website in no time and use it as an educative and creative portal for kids to come and learn from.
Techspirited Staff
Bringing up kids in this era of technology is quite a task. As parents, it is slightly difficult to say no to, and believe that, your kids will blindly, obey you. With a plethora of social networking sites, like, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, surely your kids know their way around the Internet. By knowing how to create a website for kids, not only will they learn new things, but there is a lot that you can learn too. You don't need to be a tech savvy geek to know take up and complete this project. At the end of this article, making a website for kids would be a child's play.

Make a Website for Kids

There are a few technicalities which may seem difficult. However, with a little planning these shall be ironed out too. Firstly, you need to create pages of the website. You will then have to upload these pages through FTP on to your Internet Service Provider. You can also create these pages using your UNIX account. For making the pages online, you will need a Telnet program. You will need to learn the basic HTML, designing and graphics. If this seems to difficult, then hire a website designer to help you out or learn it yourself through a professional course.

The web pages need a specific market to earn monetarily or through appreciation of its visitors. Hence, just as social networking sites have applications to sign up and accepting requests, install a similar program on your child's website as a part of your website promotion. This way, the market for your child's website, becomes a bunch of close friends and relatives, who get to interact with your child. Having these privacy settings, will also allow your child to know the importance of privacy, sharing, and rejecting.

Web Content
Children often don't know where to begin when researching for a project, but they sure want to read content that is eye-catching and exciting. They are always looking out for sharing information and satisfying their curiosity, so let your child write about his/her experience, funny anecdotes, poems, jokes, riddles, and just whatever that your child wants to write about. This is a good start when it comes to website content development too. A website will help your child develop writing skills, techniques, and make him/her tech savvy too. Gradually, you can have forums, chat rooms, games, and pages of information on the website. This way your child will know what it takes to make a good website.

Building a website, is a great option to teach your kids the pros and cons of technology at a very young age. Additionally, it also teaches them to be responsible about the information they are sending out. A project as such can get your child into a routine of writing something, thereby honing his/her observation skills, perception, reasoning, and logical arrangement of thoughts.