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How to Make a Skype Conference Call

Bhakti Satalkar Feb 8, 2019
Skype has changed the way phone calls are made. Its conference call feature has made it all the more popular to make international calls for free. Let's see how to make a conference call with Skype.
Internet has changed most of the things around us, including the way we make phone calls and communicate in general. Had you ever imagined that you would be able to talk to someone sitting in another part of the world using the convenience of your personal computer and that too for free? Well, with Skype it has become absolutely possible.
Skype is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service provider, through which you can communicate with people around the world. If you know how it works, you can make a three-way call using it. Conference calling, a feature that allows you to speak to more than a person at the same time. Here you will learn about how to make a conference call using Skype.

How to Make Conference Call Using Skype

The conference call limit on Skype is up to 25 participants. Due to this facility, society boards, committees, project teams, and even family members have the cheapest way to meet and collaborate on projects, events, as well as general happenings. Although it is easy to initiate a conference call, managing a successful conference call is the real challenge.
  • Check if your computer has Internet access and then download Skype on your machine if you do not have it.
  • Start the application and log in using your user name and password.
  • Click on the Contacts tab in the main section of your Skype window to see the list of your contacts.
  • Check if you have the desired friend's name in the list. If you do not have it, then add the name of that person before you go to the next step.
  • If your friend's contact information is already there in the list, then double-click on your friend's name.
  • With the mentioned step, start a call with one friend at a time. Since, you want to make Skype conference phone call, find another friend from your contacts list with whom you would like to have a conference call. Right-click on the friend's name and then you will have to select "Invite to Conference" from the menu which will appear. 
  • You can invite multiple contacts to a conference call at the same time for which you will have to click on each contact's name and hold down the Ctrl key. After the selection has been made, you will have to click the "Invite Selected Contacts to Conference Call" button so that all the contacts are invited to the conference call.
  • Now there is also a third alternative to start a conference call on Skype. In this method, you will have to hold down the Ctrl key, as you select the contacts, whom you want to have a conference call with.
  • The next step is to click on the "Tools" menu on the horizontal menu bar along the top of the application window.
  • In the "Tools" menu, select "Create a Conference Call", and choose any additional contacts you want to invite via the menu that appears.
  • Now your call has started, you can talk to people over the conference call, but manage the calls, ensuring that all the people you invited to the call are a part of the call as there are chances of the call getting dropped.

How to Start a Video Conference Using Skype

  • To make a video conference call, you will need a camera, either built-in or external. Make sure you have Skype installed on your machine.
  • Start the application and log-in to your account. If the person you want to call does not exist on your friends list, then add that person. If the person is already in the friends list, you can select the same.
  • Once you start the call, a screen will appear on your end while it is ringing. There you will have to click on the video icon which is typically a small circle with a video camera in it. Your image will now appear and you may have to adjust your camera so that you can be seen on the screen.
  • The person on the other end answers and he will be able to opt for the "Accept Video" option.
  • If you want the other person's image to appear all over the screen, then you will have to click on the icon that has four arrows on it, pointing in four directions.
Now that you know how to make a Skype conference call, you can easily talk to your loved ones all over the world for free, provided you have a Skype account.