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How to Install Coaxial Cable Connectors

How to Install Coaxial Cable Connectors

Coaxial cable connectors are also called RF connectors, and are used in applications where radio frequency or RF connections are required. Here's how you can go about installing them at home ...
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Coaxial cable connectors are also commonly called F connectors, and are used in places where television signals and radio frequency are necessary. F connectors are commonly used for cable and terrestrial television. They are also used as over-the-air cables for satellite television and cable modems. If you are planning to hook a new cable or satellite TV service, you will have to install its cable connectors correctly. Before you learn to do so, buy a coaxial cable RF tester to detect wiring faults and cable connections.

Types of Coaxial Cable Connectors
  • UHF connector
  • N-type connector
  • BNC connector
  • TNC connector
  • SMA connector
  • SMB connector
  • SMC connector
  • MCX connector
  • MMCX connector
Coaxial Cable Connector Installation

Installing these connectors is rather simple, but takes a bit of practice.

Prepare the Coax Cable
Get hold of a coax cable and cut it for installation. Now with the help of a utility knife or razor knife, cut off the black outer sheathing of the cable to ½''-¾'' size. Make sure you do not cut the inner shielding. Once the piece is cut, slide it out from the cable and throw it away. Now use a pair of wire strippers by which you can cut the inner plastic coating (white in color) to about 3/8'' size and throw that away too. Again, make sure you do not rip off the inner copper wire.

Fixing the Connector Ring
The crimp rings of the F connectors are expended with two-piece F-connectors for holding the coax wires together firmly. All you have to do is gently slide in the ring over the stripped part of the cable and push it onto the black sheathing of the coax cable.

Stripping Inner Plastic Core
To strip the inner plastic core of the cable, use a pair of wire strippers. Place the wire strippers ½'' from the terminal of the cable and press the stripper handles hard. Simultaneously, keep twisting and moving the handles until the plastic comes off completely. Pull it off gently.

Coax Cable Shield
This process consists of folding the shield and removal of inner foil cover. Slide the shield on the F connector ensuring that the white plastic enters the hole of the coaxial cable connector properly. About 1'' of copper inner wire must go inside the connector. Finally slide the shield on the covering shield so that the black sheathing is totally covered.

Crimping the Rings
Get hold of a crimper and crush the ring firmly about the shield of the F-connector to make good contact when attached to electrical appliances.

Voila!, you are good to go. These cables are available at different price ranges and quality. Make sure to choose a suitable cable depending on your need.