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Ways to Increase Download Speed

Outstandingly Smart Ways to Increase Download Speeds

People who regularly download information and data from the Internet, are often looking for ways to increase the download speed. Slow speeds are very frustrating indeed, and can disrupt all the major computer tasks. The following article provides information about the best ways to increase the speed of your downloads.
Techspirited Staff
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018

Internet Connection
The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the Internet connection. If you do not have broadband Internet, then you should get it, since it is much faster than the old dial-up Internet connection. If you are already on an active cable connection, ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about more advanced options. The Internet speed is obviously the most vital thing; the faster it is, the better will be your download speed.

Running Programs
Shut down all the programs and applications that are running in the background, while you are downloading. This will considerably speed up the entire process. It is also advisable to set the downloads for a particular time, when you are not working on your PC; it means that there are no programs running in the background that can slow down the speed.

Antivirus Software
It will carry out regular updates and security scans. While these processes are going on, the entire machine will run much slower than normal. This is something that is unavoidable, so you must ensure that your downloads and scans are not functioning at the same time.

Prioritize Downloads
If you are downloading too many files at the same time, all of them will be running at slower speeds. You need to decide whether one type of download is more important than another, and pause the rest till the most crucial one is not completed. The more you prioritize your downloads, the faster they will be completed.

Time of Download
Sometimes, there are more people trying to download the same file as you are, during a particular time of the day. If you find out that your download speed is immensely slow, then maybe you should just try at a different time. When there is less traffic, the download speed will be noticeably higher.

Download Accelerator
There are certain free software downloads available over the Internet, that are known as download accelerators. These manage the active downloads on your machine, and increase its performance during downloading process. These programs alter the way by which the machines resources are distributed, which can help you in different ways. If you are looking to increase speed in BitTorrent, a download accelerator is surely a solution for you.

It is good to have a faster computer with a high configuration; this is perhaps the easiest way to increase the download speeds. By improving your computer's memory, you can greatly enhance its performance. By following the above tips in Windows Vista, XP, and even other operating systems, you won't have to deal with slow download speeds.
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