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How to Create a Photo Gallery Website?

How to Create a Photo Gallery Website?

People find it great to have their photos online! Here's how you can create a photo gallery website and pile some photo albums for your friends to unstack and have a look.
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A photo gallery is basically a collection of your pictures and home videos, which you can organize on your website. You can view and manage your photos and upload new ones in the gallery. Photo galleries offer functions of uploading and editing as well as organizing the uploaded pictures.

There are mainly two ways to make a photo gallery website:
  • Photo Gallery Software: - There are many software available, some of which are freely downloadable. Picasa is one of such software. Community server is another, which works on the platform. One needs a license for its commercial use. In choosing your software, check the platforms it supports and the protocol it uses for the upload operations. Don't ignore the licensing strategies used by the software. See if it supports iptc and geotagging. These are processes concerned with associating metadata to your images. Does that sound complicated? Actually, it's not very difficult. Firstly, these software come with a good explanation of how they function and going through their specifications helps you understand them better.
  • Photo Gallery Website Template: - Templates give you a ready-made framework to upload and manage your photos. Again, some templates are absolutely free, while others have to be bought. They provide you with a layout to put up your photos.
For those of you who are tech-savvy, there are options to create your domain, design a template for yourself, and start uploading photos. That will take some web designing skills and some programming using javascript and css. Templates will help you design your site and give web developers a sense of full control in the design and functioning of their website. After setting up the template, uploading photos is easy!

Advantages of a Photo Gallery Website
Firstly, you are in total control of what you exhibit on your site. Secondly, creating a photo gallery website does not cost you much. Then you can always put up your pictures for sale and make money. Showcasing your pictures on a website makes them available to almost anyone using the Internet. Your photos can travel miles in minutes, and become available to far-off friends.

Major concerns in creating a photo gallery website are the image formats supported and the way the images are arranged on your site. Due to the easy-to-use software and ready-made templates, the process of making a gallery becomes easy.

The photos you showcase in the gallery can be grouped categorically into albums. Photo gallery websites offer ways to organize your pictures into albums. There are some album generators as well. You could sign up to one of the photo album generating services. There you can upload your photos in the albums and even satisfy your security needs by protecting them with a password. The albums shall treasure your memories safely.

When it comes to a photo gallery, remember to showcase the best of your collection. A few 'not-so-nice' pictures can spoil the impression of your gallery. Also see that the photos are laid out well. Adding comments that speak about the picture would give that extra edge to your picture collection.

So come on folks, what are you waiting for? Start taking those initial steps towards creating a website photo gallery of your own!