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How to Create Engaging Content for Mobile Readers

Sonali Pimpale Jan 5, 2019
Your preparation for the mobilegeddon will be incomplete without the dynamic AMP Stories in your arsenal. Create content in this innovative format to boost user engagement.
With around 80% of the Internet users armed with smartphones, most of them prefer to whip out their mobiles to look up content, rather than the traditional desktop or laptop. Here arises the need to focus on optimizing the user experience for the mobile web.
Just having a responsive website will not be enough to stand out in this mobile era. Never forget that content will always be the king. This does not only include stellar writing, but also an equally outstanding, mobile-friendly content format.
With compact screen sizes, it is tedious to scroll down the entire length of the articles on mobiles, especially for readers who prefer to read on the go and are likely to be distracted by other tasks at any time.
The readers hunger for snackable content that is easy to digest in less time. They relish reading short visual posts far more than simple, plain text.
Google has answered the call for such a content format by bringing forth, the mobile-friendly AMP Stories, the most dynamic and visually striking medium to completely absorb the readers’ attention.
Forget scrolling through text-heavy articles. Tap through quick-loading, immersive Stories that are mobile-focused and user-first. They have bite-sized textual content, amplified by vibrant visuals, videos, music and smooth animations.
Create and share compelling Stories with the AMP Story Builder to connect with your fast-paced mobile readers like never before. Take them on a multi-sensory ride with these Instagram/Snapchat like Stories and keep them coming back yearning for more!