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How to Clean Different Types of Computer Screens

How to Clean Different Types of Computer Screens

Is the dirt on your computer screen troubling you, and do you want to get rid of it? The following article will help you regarding this issue.
Suketu Mehta
Computer screens get dirty easily, and if not cleaned at the right time, dirt may settle on them, and it's very difficult to remove it. Modern ones like LCDs and plasmas have certain electric connections on them, and therefore, traditional materials like alcohol and ammonia cannot be used for wiping purposes.

Cleaning a Desktop Computer Screen

In such a case, using distilled water (DW) is a good option, only if the screen is a little dirty. Sprinkle few drops of distilled water on the screen, and wipe it off with a piece of cloth by moving it in one direction. If it is very dirty, you can use any aerosol product available in the market, or just add a few drops of white vinegar in DW to clean it. Always remember to turn off the monitor before you start wiping it.

Cleaning a Laptop Screen

For this type, using alcohol or ammonia products is not an option, and therefore, you will have to make your own solution. It's simple; mix DW and white vinegar in the ratio of 1:1, and leave it for some time. Now, take a soft cotton cloth and dip it in this solution. Take care not to make the cloth really wet, as it can harm your screen. Just make it a little moist. Gently rub it either in a circular, horizontal, or vertical motion. Maintain this directional movement throughout the process. After this, wipe off the screen with a dry cotton cloth.

Cleaning an Apple Mac's Screen

Switch off all power units, and unplug the power supply wire from the socket to avoid getting electrocuted. Take a soft cotton cloth, and moisten it with water. It is advised that you use only water or other certified apple computer cleaning products. Wipe the screen gently in one consistent direction, with the moist cloth first, and then, with a dry cloth. Doing this once a month is good to prevent any permanent settling of dirt on it.

Cleaning an LCD Screen

In this case, you have to use the same mixture of distilled water and vinegar, as mentioned above. Apply it to a piece of soft cotton cloth, and gently rub the screen with it. Wipe it off with a dry cloth. Before starting, switch off the LCD to easily spot the dirty areas.

Tips and Warnings
  • Never ever spray anything directly on a computer screen, as it may get damaged, since some of them have electric connections on them. Apply DW, or any solutions by an indirect manner, through a piece of cloth.
  • Avoid using tissue papers for cleaning purposes, as they are rough. It is always better to use a piece of soft cloth.
  • Tap water has a tendency to leave mineral spots on the screen, and hence, should not be used.
  • Never wipe in a harsh and rough manner; be smooth and gentle to get the best results.
  • If your manufacturer has a variety of computer cleaning products, or recommends the use of a particular product, then always use them.
After learning these methods, you can easily try them at home. Periodically cleaning and maintaining these screens, keeps them in a good condition, and always provides you with a better picture quality.

Disclaimer: This article is for reference purposes only. Always consult an expert before using any of the above methods.