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How to Block a Cell Phone Number From Appearing on Caller ID

Abhijit Naik Oct 13, 2018
If cell phone-related to privacy issues have left you worried, blocking your cell phone number from appearing on the caller ID can be a way out. You can either do it on your own using specific codes or you can simply call your service provider and ask for the line block facility.
Lately, cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. With increasing use of cell phones, issues related to privacy are also on a rise. Almost all the cell phones nowadays feature a caller ID, so it's difficult to call someone without revealing your number and identity.
In such a situation, you can choose to block your phone number from being displayed on the caller ID of the person you are calling.
At times, we prefer hiding our identity. The reason for this can be any, right from playing a prank on your friend to making a business call without revealing your personal number. If, for instance, you call the pizza delivery place, they will add your number to their database, and flood your phone with offers.
But obviously, you don't want this to happen. You just have to call your service provider and ask them to block your number from featuring on the receiver's caller ID.
You have the option of blocking the cell phone number permanently or temporarily. If you opt for the first method, you will have to get in touch with the customer care. If you want block the number in specific cases though, you can do it on your own. Details of each of these methods are discussed below.

Line Block Facility

If you want to permanently block the phone number from showing up, you will have to avail the line block facility. In this case, you will have to call the customer care of your service provider and ask them to activate line block. You will be asked a few questions, like your address or date of birth, to confirm your identity.
The customer care representative may ask you to reconsider, or may try to convince you to go for the alternative in the form of temporary block. Once you have given you nod, they will do the needful at their end.
Once the line block is active, your cell phone number will not be displayed on the receiver's caller ID. You can choose to display your number in individual cases. Suppose you are availing the line block facility, but you want the person on the other side to know that you are calling, then you can dial *82 (*82 XXX XXX XXXX) before dialing the number.
The only downside of this facility is that most users are hesitant about receiving calls from unknown number, i.e., cell phone users availing the line block facility.

Block Your Number Temporarily

At times, it's more convenient to block the cell phone number from caller ID temporarily by dialing dial *67 (*67 XXX XXX XXXX) before the number. In this case, your number will not appear on the receiver's caller ID for that particular call.
The service, however, doesn't have the feedback facility for you to know whether it actually worked. Hence, it is recommended that you try using this facility either on your home phone or your friend's cell phone before you put it to use.
Blocking your cell phone number won't work when it comes to emergency numbers. Also, your number can be traced by the law enforcement agencies despite active line block. And hence, you need to make sure that you opt for it only for some genuine reason. If used for fraudulent means, your phone can be easily traced and you may find yourself in trouble.